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  1. IP ban on player death, makes sense imo
  2. Did someone say accessible access and egress are very important safety features i can’t even wipe my ass in du
  3. sacre blue your pvp sucks
  4. Please ask about how soon we can expect a change with ships being stuck to others in space. Removing the manoeuvre tool's ability to lock ships in space will require everything to be on a landing pad. Ship's clumped together in space stick together, large core ships are the absolute worst with this. Also ECU's don't keep a ship still if you fly off about ~300 metres away.
  5. Thanks to everyone who attended the END OF THE WORLD PVP event. The purpose of this event was to gather the population of DU for a mass-brawl before the upcoming changes. Unfortunately, there weren't that many attendees so in the end the field was largely dominated by BOO. Larger alliances such as the AC did not attend for their own reasons. At the beginning there were 66 targets on screen, less than I had anticipated however the server still seemed pretty well alive and kicking which was great to see (Yes I was hoping it'd blow up lol). There were apparently even fireworks set off by NQ which I haven't even personally noticed. There were plenty of greyed out ships out there, what happened to them, I personally am unsure. REDA were collecting wrecks off the field. Thank you to everyone that came, I hope you got a good taste of a large scale operation, may such things still be possible in the future, come this update. In the end, the BOO large core Decadence rammed into a ship owned by atom, most amazing total ship explosion you've probably ever seen in DU ? https://clips.twitch.tv/HedonisticElegantPlumageBIRB
  6. More precise location. ::pos{0,0,-9171.8513,-4010918.5022,-75512.7129} These Coordinates are in the safezone, roughly infront of where the event will take place. It's pretty much directly from Alioth to Ion.
  7. Blitz Agrippina, first of the Blitz A-Class configuration frigates, spearheading the final approach to doomsday.
  8. balls of brass, if it ends up close enough to the safezone, you could spectate some
  9. Clean the tubes, dust off your seats, and warm up your engines! Your presence has been demanded by the powers that may be, to participate in the END OF THE WORLD, PVP BONANZA! This is a call to EVERY NOVEAN with a weapon. Soon the update will arrive, the time to leave the womb is upon us! Only the strongest Noveans will birth into a new age of Dual Universe, so sharpen your resolve and under Helios you shall Triumph or PERISH. Before the update arrives, we shall battle under the sun on the 6th of December, 4PM EST. This is a PUBLIC event! Open to anyone willing to send off with one last triumphant Hurrah! Come one, come all, and witness the Greatness and fall of our Empires! Event details. Time: 4 PM EST Date: 6th december Location: in PVP space, few SU out of the Edge of the Alioth safezone, toward ION. The original idea was to do this while JC's live AMA was on, however it will likely be on a weekday, so it's been decided that a Sunday will allow for greater participation. The reason for this whole debacle is due to a rumoured update, that could come like a thief in the night at any time very soon and clip our wings due to a rumoured massive overhaul of DU's mechanics. So we shall pull everyone out for some fun and MASS PVP action while we can! It's very possible that the servers will break, but I'm certain 98% of DU's population haven't participated in a mass fleet battle, so this shall be an exciting experience for everyone to look forward to. PLEASE NOTE: Considering people may not wish to join the event, wanting to save their assets for the great update, Band of Outlaws will relinquish ANY ships that may be captured by Band of Outlaws in the event, thus alleviating any pains of loss, without taking away from the core experience of the event. Apologies for coming up with this event fairly close to its date, there is no announced date to the new update which could come as soon as early next week (Official notice is quite likely to be a few days at most). Looking forward to seeing everyone out in force, lets burn down the Amazon servers together! ?
  10. Hello there. I've just noticed that Naunet has rebooted the forums, so I feel that posting feedback and suggestions would be worth it, since I couldn't go into deeper detail on the round table. The theme of this topic will be Constructs being too difficult to destroy. As it stands now, the main thing that governs how long a ship can survive being shot at is voxel mass and surface area. The current cube meta plays off of this. Consider this, everyone is currently using L weapons, weapons that are supposed to be fitting for battleships, yet people still struggle to destroy a cube, even worse a medium warship, and ultimately completely unable to destroy a large ship within reasonable means. Once the new updates fix weapon sizes to core sizes, people using smaller ships will struggle even more. Furthermore, large core ships will become more desirable, being reasonably indestructible and more potent in terms of damage output. If now we can predict that a large core vs large core battle will take several hours, a silly amount of resources and effort, to simply reach a stalemate, imagine what will happen when everyone has a large core battleship. It will simply become a waste of time, and completely only a war of attrition. Whoever can be bothered the most, whoever has the most time, whoever has the most voxel armour, scrap ammo and fuel. Paired with the already uninteresting gameplay, endless fights with large cores will be IMO the death of pvp, because at the moment people only pvp for fun, hell even if there were currently objectives I probably wouldn't bother spending hours for frustration. I do have a suggestion however, of which I believe many people are of the same mind. PENETRATION! Instead of nerfing and buffing things left and right, creating a confusion of balance, a different fundamental approach to combat should be used. Currently whatever weapon you may use, when hitting, creates a sphere of damage on whatever exterior location the RNG decides. With the currently used system, it is necessary to go through as much armour as the builder has implemented to cause any real damage to a ship. How does penetration work? Simple, when one shell loves another ship it'll do anything to get inside. instead of a sphere of damage, the damage model can be changed to a thin rod/cylinder. The goal of penetration is to deal damage to critical internal systems, throwing rocks at armour is a cavemans tactic. This will shift the balance of building a ship. Plating a ship with silly amounts of armour will no longer dictate how long a ship survives. Ship design will finally become important (ship design is not important ATM, slap on those voxels jimmy). Placement of elements will finally matter, internal design of the ship for easy access repairs will finally matter. However, this system can completely nullify the use of armour, balancing penetration will also be a struggle no doubt, but more depth and quicker more effective combat in DU is sorely needed. Use of armour can still be viable in such a way that the lack of it will be very disadvantageous for things such as missiles. A small bonus of armour penetration instead of mass exterior explosions is that, penetrations will leave less of a mark on the ships voxels. When you core a ship, you wont get something that has 0 voxels because you've had to literally destroy every block, and ships can keep retain their looks for longer which I'm sure some builders can appreciate. Indeed, much more is needed to introduce substance to combat. Like other things in DU, we lack tools to pvp. Fuel tanks, ammo tanks creating a hell of an explosion when destroyed, leading to more thoughtful placement of elements, more substance in combat. Emptying their contents when destroyed. Your ammo went off m8, GG. While penetration leaves less of a mark on voxels, it also leaves the surface area mostly intact in which RNG will have to pick from. Fights can still take a long time waiting for a luck shot on a core. The introduction of special ordinance, ship killing tools, will bring more tactics, less time however more involvement into combat. On that topic, lets suggest a basic ship to ship torpedo. Expensive, large, dangerous to carry (if exploded in your ship you get it's juicy effects), dangerous for the enemy, yet easy to counter. Torpedo's would only be viable when an enemy ship is down on its energy generators, that can no longer supply to its counter measures which prevent torpedo's from locking on. Torpedo's would have their own ammo racks, and own dispenser elements, perhaps one that looks like a turret, or one that looks like an inbuilt tube, to provide options for both aesthetics. I apologise for the bad organisation of information. I'm sure we can all agree that combat needs more substance, needs be more effective. We need more tools! And I hope that NQ can decide on a better fundamental approach to the mechanics. Sure their physics based damaged model is cool, but no one wants to be stuck in a 10 hour fight resulting in nothing. We need to use tools to pvp, not all of our time and resources.
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