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  1. Love the idea of organizations or a civilization co-locating land structures together. There may need to be in-game benefits applied in a subtle way to incentive congregating. I think the best example I've seen has been a ship showroom. Another could be XX amount of building mass is required to institute a political system to govern the region/planet. Issue would of course be if it was located on a planet and not a moon then the factor of PVP is an issue and some d-bag org can flip the place upside down (grieve). However, that threat may actually add interest in the game, and we could start to see something like nations fighting each other in the atmosphere. I REALLY think some facet of this should be explored for development.
  2. Name: Poomonster Region/Timezone: US Central Language: English What type of Organization are you looking for? Trade/building/ interested in pvp as well. Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: open to any role the game provides. Higher priority into learning blueprints Roleplay interest? Interested in events Other: Fun people and a good community Preferred contact method: PM and discord. Discord name is Poomonster
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