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  1. There s one thing about deleting Ships that does not sound right. If you have one old ship and do the debug. But you miss one Item => poof. No way to find in advance the Item. One way to eliminate the Bugged Ships woulbe to make them not Moving, flying or anything, only maneuver to place them in a museum. Even the Containers, if they are bugged, you an declare them to 0,0m³ capacity. There are lot nice looking constructs that will dissaper and not only become useles.
  2. Well, mining and territory. Currently it is max boring to get your stuff by hand mining. I do not talk about getting your first xs core but running a industry. There is no meaning of terrytory unint exept blocking the tile. Suggestion to change this a little. Make Mining units with something like this behavior: 1. Can only used in claimed territory. (hand diging says as is) 2. the amount of ores mined/day is depending on ores in the mined tile, no depletion, or very low (0,1% 1% ...) 3. the amount of ore mined is depending of maschine lvl 4. the amount of ore mined is depending on skills of the tile owner and the setting one 5. there is a wide playfield for autominer variations. one for all, one for all of the ame tier, one for each single ore. Amount of ore that can be stored locally. cost/miner ore amount what you get and skill requirement can be used to make the difference. This leads to multiple side effects. 1. Untuched tiles have more value 2. Territory warfare and intel have a meaning 3. strip mining of tiles is not more the best way for industry runnning on the long term 4. having various haulers becomes more meaningfull. (You have to plan your round trips) Now get startet, rip it apart or make improvements based on this idea. Keep in mind that it is not meant for the first xs core , but for the LOOOOOOONG turn. Like building cities.
  3. I Like the loging for review of the transactions. Is it planned to extend this to all Market/Wallet transactions?
  4. The Universe is far bigger than anyone can imagine. Lts dig the shit out of it.
  5. Hi, long time player of EVE Kerbal and Empyrion hoping to find new frontiers.
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