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  1. Well that is a bit of a over simplification of what Microsoft said. It isn't that Windows is going anywhere but Microsoft is going in the direction of Google chrome. You won't see some big new software packages but instead you will just get changes in the form of updates. Windows 10 will just be Windows from now on and Microsoft will justt send you two major updates per year. This is the future direction that most OS companies are going in. Microsoft owns the gaming world and they are not giving that up. It would be nice to see major games coming to linux but I doubt that will happen. Plus not to mention microsoft's new project that will change the PC world forever will run windows and that is their hololens . Hololens is a game changer because you won't need a tablet or PC to run it. Hololens is pure VR and AR headset. So pretty soon if you want to play A PC game or get on the internet , all you will have to do is put on the Hololens . The future is VR anyway. I love linux myself but Microsoft has too many cool things coming in the future and I can't see other platforms doing enough to make a large amount of gamers leave Microsoft
  2. The more I learn about the game the more I become uncertain about it. Having a creative mode for builders to build their creations and transfer them into the game is what keeps voxel base games running. The truth is there are tons of multiplayer and survival games . This game is coming into a world of competition with tons of other voxel games old and new. The more I learn about DU the more I wonder do the devs understand their player base. I think it's important that a game like this keep builders happy and give them their own world while giving them the ability to use their creations in game. For example a game like Empyrion allows builders to go in to creative mode then save their creations to blueprint. Then if they can gather enough resources in survival mode to produce their ships in the factory then they can build their ship in regular game mode. Space Engineers has a similar process. Voxel base players are not like the Survival players that jump from game to game. The voxel base crowd need creative freedom and they are loyal if you treat them right. Just look at minecraft? Some of those guys have been playing that game for years. Having happy builders are soo important to games like this, it's the backbone of games like this. If nobody is motivated to create cool stuff then that takes a lot away from a game like this. I know this game is just in it's idea stage but some of these ideas sounds like they are trying take Space Engineer or Minecaft fans and force them to play the same way as MMO players or your standard survival game like Ark. That will never work because MMO fans and Voxel base fans are two different types of players that plays games like this differently. It will never work that way. In order for a game like this to work you have to cater to both and right now it seems like MMO fans are more important . Planet Nomad which is another voxel base survival game that comes out next year as well has an editor. I'm trying to understand what DU devs are trying to create but right now it seems like a game for MMO players that never played a voxel base game in their life.
  3. I'm still on the fence about the combat in this game until I see game play of it but this is very impressive. I hope they show combat or at least shooting at something but I will give this game a chance.
  4. Well comparing a regular MMO to a voxel base game really can't be done. No Man Sky is in competition with games like Star Citizen and Elite dangerous. Dual Unvierse is in another world. Dual Universe is in the Space Engineers world but Dual Universe will have a chance to be in competition with voxel base games and the normal space sim world if it's done right. I never understood the hype around NO man SKys but everyone finds different types of games entertaining. If you were going to try to compare these two games then after playing a week of a voxel base game like Dual Universe then more than likely you won't ever pick up No Man skys again. lol After you play a voxel base game like Dual Universe then your average space sim like a No man Sky becomes extremely boring. You're comparing a Space Sim which is your typical Exploring a Universe fighting and trading VS the Sci fi voxel base sandbox games which has Building your own ships, bases and planet, trading, fighting and exploring plus traveling on a multicrew ship with friends that you've built?. I mean the choice is obvious. I'm still on the fence about the combat system but Dual Universe could be the game that ends games like No Man Skys.
  5. Thank you for all of your responses.. I'm sure this game will do very well but as for me the combat system is a deal breaker. I've played EVE online and in my personally opinion their battles are boring by today's world standards. In my personal opinion I rather have a limit on the number of players in one game with a fun combat style vs playing with 100s of players with a boring combat style. I know people love EVE so they will flock to this game but it just isn't for me. I will stay with Space Engineers buggy and laggy but fun combat style. lol I do see this game being a much better version of EVE and maybe taking all of their fan base but to sell this combat style to Star Citzen or Elite Dangerous fan boys isn't something I see happening. Combat styles matter and FPS is the standard in that world.
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