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  1. It's not impossible since the nanoformer is a cybernetic attachment to your arm. But even then the implants your talking about would probably not be available until much later in progression if at all, given that most of the bonuses could probably be gained though a sufficiently advanced body suit plus helm. I am not sure why you would need implants that would do the same thing especially in what I imagine DU will be.
  2. I enjoyed that quite a bit. Will definitely try to make it next time as well. @Tnecniw, Yes, but maybe he is just holding the names so they can't be used?. Hopefully.
  3. So it is 100% confirmed that their will be a PLEX like system in DU, for those that haven't played EVE a PLEX is a in-game item that you active that gives subscription time added to your account. It maybe to early to talk about this system, and seeing how they are market items that will not have a fixed value, just like in eve this discussion (if it occurs) would primarily be focused on what you think they should be worth. Personally I think they should be difficult to attain, but I still intend it to be what I use to play the game 90% of the time. Another problem that will arise is that some professions in game will be more profitable than others, requiring more work from those players who don't make a huge profit, such as a designer who spends weeks on one project might not make enough. A way to handle this for organizations is if they have a salary system, paying out enough to buy the PLEX or pay members in PLEX. Well I don't know, I never really got to that point where I was playing Eve with PLEX. I am sure this issue will come up again closer to release at least once. But if you feel inclined to let me know what you think now, I would like to know your thoughts.
  4. Also neon type lighting for words specifically, and other cosmetic lights.
  5. I agree with Velenka, would love to see larger size nanoformers, or nanoformers independent from your arm at least compatible with DPUs. If not them than an independent mining element. And in my opinion a fabricator unit is also implied when they say that you can have an LUA scripted automated factory. Personally I would also like to see a beacon type element that is deploy-able, or toggle-able to create a FTL target-able point, but I also think this is pretty likely anyway, and might even be included in a long range sensor suite.
  6. The LUA scripting might provide the answer to some weapon type questions, seeing as it is supposed to be able to change how weapons operate. Could be that you increase fire power at the expense of ROF, or vise versa. Or another idea I had was to build a separate construct (for bigger ships, stations, and orbital platforms), that combines a handful of the element guns scripted to fire in sequence, so a turret would get a higher ROF. But that may not be the type of weapon types you are interested in. Well let me know what you think, some of this depends on how gun cycle between shots.
  7. CosmicDragon


    So hacking has been confrimed by the devs for one system, and that's is the Territory Units. https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/07/24/territory-control/#more-468 in this Dev blog, they say that hacking into a Territory Unit is a method of capture. So we know that the system will be in place, but as for what other things will be hack-able I am not sure. It could be that the DCUs have a mini-game security system by which you can break in and scramble the script, and it would be sort of balanced in the sense that while yes, your system maybe offline but to fix it, all the player would have to do is reconnect with the box and load a saved file. This opens the door to some pretty interesting scenarios for when your assaulting a base or station.
  8. Substantial information update, including neater formatting for a presentable post. Added entries: Agents of the Empire, State-of-Aggression ; Updated entries: Residency, The Path, Imperial New Center Pretty standard stuff
  9. @FNG_Steve, is a flag not the visual embodiment of the ideas of a leader, a symbol to rally behind, something that all a nation citizens can strive for.
  10. Welcome to the community shadowrod. I haven't seen anything about it ether, but I assume a game that has building and design as it's core mechanic would not leave out such an amazing feature. I feel like logos/flags/symbols would be introduced as a sticker that can take custom textures, but a complete recolor of a ship hull to it fit it's owner's/organization's color scheme would be what a full re-texture is used for. But I don't know much about graphic design, so there probably a better way of implementing it.
  11. So first welcome, to the community Halo381. I would refer you to the wiki article called Weapon Units, were the devs address the topic. I personally like the idea of developing custom parts, as I have said else where. But I think most likely what we could expect at least in the next two years is a way to edit the look of the parts but not modify any of their specs. The Devs haven't flatly rejected the idea for voxels parts, but I assume that it would end up tying into how research will work. The creation chamber it self sounds interesting, especially if it was implemented in lore with a holodeck type structure in large ships and stations. Here is the wiki page: http://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Weapon_Units
  12. I think I saw that 30km somewhere, and am very happy they changed it, although maybe the 30km refers to a crust depth, or something similar? I look forward to deploying some time of Imperial Probe Droid-esk (The things that Han found on Hoth) things to bring me back maps of the surface.
  13. @Dragoon, or you could get sealed in the devastation caused by heavy bombardment.
  14. @Jared To be accurate friend a dyson sphere, is a structure constructed around a star and would therefore have to be much larger (in at the very least volume) than said star. But I agree it would be without doubt the most amazing place to live.
  15. There's a wiki post on weapons, stating that weapons will be pre-built assets for now. The wording is a bit weird, "Both individual weapons and deployable weapons..". Could be that they meant it as an all encompassing statement, because that is the only related article on the wiki, and it was in response to a character weapons thread. Personally I think mean ship/station weapons as well.
  16. Will the combat itself play like BSGO, or EVE I they have said that you will lock targets to fire but do we know if the weapons will be in fixed positions or be able to orient. I would prefer a combination of the two where which end of the ship is facing the target matters but giving the turrets firing arc the ability to shift a few degrees would be interesting.
  17. Very nice, I look foreword to seeing how it works out.
  18. I wonder what the specs will be on the largest engine type, if they are individual components and not build able, then if they are build able I would love to see the reactor plus engine combo that can cannot propel its own mass.
  19. @CaptainTwerkmotor, don't forget to put the brakes on the front of your colony ship.
  20. @CaptainTwerkmotor, In the interview with XPGamers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1WMwIDWFKI) they talk about a probe that is sent ahead of you that builds the stargate at the destination for you, I am not sure if this will be the only method or that you will also be able to fly there your self, but I think it would pretty immersion breaking if you couldn't.
  21. Will, when building will there be limits on how many specializations you ship can have. Could I build a ship which has the ability to fill all roles in fleet doctrine, the composition of the fleet, perfectly? I am not sure that some of the roles I am thinking of will be in DU but raw DPS surely will and even there you have the different sub-types, such as energy weapon based, or projectile weapon platforms, they should have different damage models, which if we look at other fiction, have different levels of effectiveness vs. defenses. Ok, so DPS sub types aren't an ideal example, but I don't know of any other role of ship that is confirmed. A general fantasy parallel would be a maxed out wizard who also is a max level cleric. P.S I hope this is understandable, I feel like its pretty rambling.
  22. How would the use of reactors effect the time in between fill ups at a gas station. Depending on how much "overclocking" is used. I don't think anyone wants to spend the last hour of everyday finding a gas station to be able to keep flying around the next day. Also would there be any waste from the reactors, I know fission power stations today produce waste, but I am not sure about fusion and weather of not the problem couldn't just be solved by dumping it in space.
  23. The Lack of a flag is definitely hurting recruitment, but we'll get there by launch, hopefully.
  24. @Shynras , I hadn't thought of it like that, I couldn't imagine the chaos of Jita 4-4, being moved even to somewhere to the same system.
  25. WIP, rebuilding, role-playing is fun but not sure if that's what I want to do in DU.
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