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    magey3 got a reaction from OrionSteed in Radio communication   
    Would it be possible to have a radio in-game to transmit stuff over specific frequences in a certain range and have other people pick up the signal?
    I think it would be a real immersion maker and it would bring a lot of possibilities like Space traffic control at a large spaceport with a lot of traffic would be able to make sure people dont crash in each other.
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    magey3 got a reaction from Replic TuaniOne in Show your desktop (and specs)   
    Seeing these rigs makes me feel great about my beast.

    Its great isnt it the specs are
    Intel pentium N3540 erm.. core i7 8700K
    Nvidia GeForce GT820m erm.. GTX 1080Ti in quad SLI
    Asus X552MD mobo erm.. *insert a Z270 mobo here*
    Stock cooler for all erm.. custom water cooling loop for all
    So yeah pretty beasty.
    If anyone doesnt know this is sarcasm.
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    magey3 reacted to Miedein in Any plans for silly stuff?   
    I can already see it now. We all get together and build a massive city outside the ship. We get a few casino's up and running. Band of Outlaws turns into a mafia running the casinos and inticing new players to the gambling games with lines of credit. New players lose all the money and get shipped off to some distant planet to work in mines for their war efforts.

    Just... tossing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. 
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    magey3 got a reaction from Warden in New trailer and it looks great!   
    *Looks at videos comments*
    *Almost cries*
    "Why do people compare the game to NMS!"
    *Proceeds to explain*
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    magey3 got a reaction from DarkHorizon in What is the name of our home star/system?   
    We shall name it Novae spes in english it means new hope as like its a new hope for humanity
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    magey3 reacted to Miamato in Environmental hazards   
    I believe that similar topic may be discussed somewhere in older posts, but...
    The idea is to add parameters like Temperature, Radiation, random weather events. I know this is present in different games, like starbound, empyrion and probably many others, but it's also pretty logical step, especially if NQ is going to add more biome types to the game, that will correspond to existing planet types. 
    I hope you agree that life is completely different on temperate planet and on burning planets that are pretty close to stars (to say nothing about the star itself), the same as for gas giants or cold planets where temperature is close to 0 K. It means that if some ships, with hull made from basic materials, are fine for flying inside atmosphere of temperate planet should not survive on fire planet, where temperature may melt the ship. So it would be nice if all the materials were dedicated to stand against certain environment and protect people and modules that are inside your ship or base. If your construct or space suit does not correspond to environment - it takes damage over time and can be destroyed in result. 
    It would be logical that on gas giants (if they are added at some points) there would be endless storms that change how your electronics behaves, disable it or just make harder to operate without some special modules dedicated to negate the effect.
    On fire planets you need fight with overheating and melting effect, along with some fire rains etc. The same when you are close to a star, it's not quite logical if you can approach to it on a tiny ship made mostly from iron. 
    Probably it's hard to implement and maintain in terms of server load, but I think this will only add more realism to the game and increase variety of civilization created inside game world with their special approaches to survive on different planets. 
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    magey3 got a reaction from Assy13 in Happy alpha day!   
    Happy alpha day to everyone who reads this!
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