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  3. Aaron Cain

    Solar Panel

    Agree on this. it would be best to have unlimited options, but that will take some development time to be able to make this happen. I would also like to see an engine that runs on this energy or energy at all. seeing our present world is already experimenting with electric planes and cars are already common as are bikes and other transportation vehicles i would think that in about 10k year that would be more common practice then impossible.
  4. Yeayyy Congratulations to All members, Sponsors, Followers and anyone else that now does a dance in the office like me! Party time!!
  5. Aaron Cain

    Hello :)

    Have fun!!!!!! Anything special you have as end goal in DU?
  6. There is a possibility they have a clear voting system that takes the voices of all members into account, i know we have that in CATS and i would think others would too. But that sort of information is not known to the whole community and takes a readup on statutes for all these organizations comprised of more than one Doing a nice Job Wilks on first sight, i hope we will meet often in peace to make DU a good place to be! Greetz Aaron
  7. This is a petition for JC to change his profile pic to
  8. Sethix

    Hello :)

    Green is perfectly acceptable lol and thanks
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  10. PiNkPoRsChE

    CCPA | Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord

    I don't quiet know how they can join seeing they have an umbrella of organizations under them(Kind of like what your pact is doing...). Now if each one of those organizations want to join your Pact that would make more sense. Seeing that by your Pact, Genova Federation will have all say for those under its grasp, due to it being the only one with ranks under this Pact. Seems they might have to much power over their own agreement. But if each of the Organizations under Genova Federation want to sign individually this would make more equal rights to each of those organizations. Each having a Rep/Mediator/Org Leader available to speak on their behalf. Alliance > Under a Federation > Under a Coalition > Under who knows what the next 20 higher ups are doesn't make sense and only leads to an implosion when the bottom group gets shafted.....Just look at the history of EvE Online...........Or don't its bad lol
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  12. PiNkPoRsChE

    Glad to Be Here

    Welcome! Was that from France? You didn't use cheap Cook's did you.... You know that's bad luck right?
  13. PiNkPoRsChE

    Hello World!

    Hello & Welcome! I see your alpha tagged. Better be ready for some testing on this new R15 release. Did you get some game time in DU this last test? So worth checking things out. Fly Safe o7
  14. PiNkPoRsChE

    Aloha! Me is Realist of persons!

    Welcome! What discord you been hanging in? DU's? Great place to check out upcoming info or org's.
  15. PiNkPoRsChE

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    .....Bacon? Can I have some...... Welcome I hope you Fly Safe on your strip of BACON!
  16. PiNkPoRsChE


    Welcome! I see you stopped by our discord, are you interested in SilverLight Industries & our focus in DU? One way or another get some Alpha time in if you can, things are starting to get interesting with updates. More to come soon we hope. Hope to see you in game. Fly Safe o7
  17. PiNkPoRsChE

    Greetings from Australia

    Welcome to DU! Enjoy what things are to come and keep up with progress. Fly Safe o7
  18. Yesterday
  19. Celebrating the INA's First Year with 2 New Orgs on Board In these past few days the INA celebrates one year of life. We do it being the main, larger, neutral organization in DU, being also the first in its class to establish a clear definition and approach to neutrality. So thank you to each and every one of you, organizations and members, for sharing with us this constructive, peaceful and special approach to the game. Additionally, two new organizations signed the Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement (CONAMI) and joined the Inter-Neutral Assembly (INA) this month: Sente and Oracle. We welcome them and look forward to collaborate all together in this common place, for the common good. Thank you. Sincerely, INA Founders Why the CONAMI is something unique and relevant in DU? The Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement (CONAMI) was originally created and signed on May 19th, 2018, by 4 neutral organizations of Dual Universe. It is also the foundational charter of the Inter-neutral Assembly (INA), a supra-organization based in the CONAMI principles and articles. The INA is composed currently of more than 20 active organizations (and even more are in a process to join). The CONAMI is unique in Dual Universe, as it is the first convention and document of its kind, formulating clearly a notion of neutrality in the field of Dual Universe organizations, offering also the frame of a friendly and collaborative community, where mutual improvement is also part of the equation, together with neutrality. Indeed, the mere signing of the CONAMI puts each organization, always sovereign, in a friendly and close relationship with the others, within the Inter-Neutral Assembly (INA). The INA “is a common place and assembly for leaders of neutral organizations (each member, one vote), providing the proper, equalty and friendly enviroment to meet and colaborate together for common goals”. (CONAMI, article 6). Having signed the CONAMI and becoming a member of the INA, each signatory organization obtains a seal of confidence and goodwill towards the others, since it is understood that they all share the principles of neutrality, common good and mutual support. A wide part of the organizations belonging to the INA are also part of the Mutual Defense Pact (MDP), thus reinforcing the security, independence and military capacity of the main neutral interorganizational network in DU for self-defense. With the CONAMI as its normative frame, the INA has a clear vocation to promote, ease and coordinate actions, ideas and initiatives for the common goal of improvement, growing and development, in all areas (diplomatic, trading, industrial, building, tech, military, media, etc) between affine people. Belonging to the INA does not imply administrative tasks or burden of any kind on the part of the members (leaders), being that the INA has its own staff (its founders) to attend to the server and keep the community page functional and updated. Thus, all members can come directly to the INA when they have any relevant affair to deal with or any topic to propose or vote upon. So, if you run a neutral organization, you're very welcome to join us and, together, be that fresh, strong and healthy community that we actually are, in Dual Universe. Are you are friendly and neutral? Do you want to join a community of sovereign peoples? Would you like to meet great, like-minded partners? Then the CONAMI is for you. * Read the CONAMI in the INA's community page or in the INA server. Interested orgs must contact a staff member before becoming members. Server: https://discord.gg/a7Sypra Community page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/inter-neutral-assembly Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PPJafOrK3I
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  21. Mucus

    Solar Panel

    There should be more Environmental elements, eg solar, wind , geo thermal generators , thermo dynamics etc
  22. Aaron Cain

    QuantumKitty is not a bot

    Hello Kitty!!!! Damn i fell for it ><
  23. QuantumKitty

    QuantumKitty is not a bot

    I try to count as intelligent life
  24. Aaron Cain

    Merging Constructs.

    If i recall correctly there was a q&A session with NQ where merging and aligning was discussed as a posibility after release but i cannot find it back. It should be possible in my opinion to merge and release dynamic structures and to align them, not to build the Enterprise but even simple things like freighters with "containers" or escape pods build into a ship that are actually small crafts merged to a large one, things like that.
  25. Aaron Cain

    Hello :)

    I'm wearing green, am i safe to meet you? Welcome!!!!!!
  26. Aaron Cain

    Hello from the land of maple and bacon

    Bacon!!!!! Sorry after that i lost the rest of your message Bacon!!!!!!! Welcome, add more Bacon!!
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