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  3. Hi I am Geth! Been playing for a while and now Discord here I come.
  4. discordauth:IK5WUfuDykI5riARFB4MdIK_UHqeKnuoWVoq1RPxzi4=



  6. discordauth:phndlTaFpnBU3wMsaxLNkqCQBz9BaHjKkkhfKzwIhMI=

  7. Hi @freemangl and welcome. For refund requests, I suggest you to ask directly to the support at https://support.dualthegame.com/ ;). ~ Merwyn
  8. Heya everyone, Patbreaker here =D Played the game for a bit and loving it so far so taking it to the next level. Discord here we come! It's been far too long since there was a good space building game!
  9. Dear devs, I'm from China. I am not sure that my network conditions can support the game run smoothly or without lag. My ping to EU server is around 500ms, to US server is around 400ms, to AU server is around 300ms. Can I get refund if I can't run smoothly after purchasing the game? Looking for you reply!
  10. Skooma

    'sup o/

    Here I am Do fear me not Please approve Me not a bot -Skooma, 2k19

  11. discordauth:Rh93wCcWfYvLYxjAUSaPVv-ZeUigUQly1CDRfISriQ0=

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  13. Hello! My name is Mark, the gaming nurse! I have high hopes for this game, and so far have not been disappointed!! Please approve me!! Shanks!!
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  15. New to the game and excited to get started, My name is Hollenrandall. I am in the org Muninn Shipping Co and i am excited for the new adventures that await us all. If you wish to know more about me just reply, I'i glad to answer questions.
  16. discordauth:gI1VpZaULR6JXbw1NC9n_yy9-p7xMl5eucuQRFMg3Kg=

  17. @Virtesi I hardly know you. Why are you talking to me? (in character as Shane, not meant to be rude!)
  18. discordauth:TK9SdV8guAjZIvkJepfo-hpyGhhKXh3jnI2JxPCscS0=

  19. Looking forward to Dual Universe and implementation of Industry. 

  20. Shane, get back to work at JojaMart!
  21. I want to say it was either 2016 or 2017 that I spent time in the DU booth at PAX. I don't recall seeing it last year. Will you be there at the end of the month?
  22. discordauth:yM30l2rUrAdMzIHETNwchiNDThXwp0c7GBrHjiKJTnY=

  23. Name: Iamteed Region/Timezone: CST (UTC-5) Language: English What type of Organization are you looking for? Anything Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: E.G. Explorer, Miner, Soldier, Pirate Roleplay interest? Other: Helpful, knowledgeable, mature Preferred contact method: Discord TedTheFirst#7142
  24. discordauth:_DT39klWv5BFlHIbO1c2RbpxTiGFZFttt8mSU6waEYw=

  25. Hello everyone, New on DU, these are my games more in its presentation and I decided to join the alpha. Great lover of video games I took the time to read all the rules I respected.
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