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  2. I wouldn't count out the possibility of it. We're a long way from release and docked ships will in all probability (I hope) be possible then. If you can remote control the larger vessel it might be possible to leave in the smaller vessel in a pinch (i.e. shuttle/pod/whatever) Though I don't know how far you could fly from the mother ship and still control it from the pod.
  3. There will be no construct splitting in parts, even if you cut it in half it still will be one construct and act like one. This is compromise for single shard universe and I don't see any way that we can have many parts floating around - too much stress to servers already.
  4. This had to happen sooner or later. Fine, I'll get my lawn chair... Good luck and godspeed, if I run into a wall of beautiful red, white, and blue, I'll know who it is.
  5. We are here today to start a movement. A movement to make the great planet of Alioth a home for every inhabitant to have an economy that works for its people. We want to create a fair and balanced society ran by its people through voting and fairness. So join me today in fighting for the rights of all players within our borders, and create a place where its residents want to reside. Join the Trump Administration today. Some day, we plan to have a great city, but in order to maintain that great city, its going to need great people. Thank you all. Any questions or concerns may be posted here and will be responded to. MAKE ALIOTH GREAT AGAIN https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-trump-administration/#tab-applications
  6. Topic locked due to necroing. Regards, Meldrik
  7. “It wont prevent us” sorry
  8. I see your point, and it seems right to me. But think of the waste of resources and time it Wash if some really big contraption get wrong and has to be redone. I understand the lack of inmersion a creative mode implies, but im sure a mixed system is possible. For example, the blueprint made by the designer in creative enlists the total amount of elements and materials needed. Then the designer has to gather all the resources in game. When he has all he need, he uses his blueprint in the construction site. This blueprint, when used, generates a hologram, a gosthly representation of the thing, which is allowed to be seen only by his eyes (and maybe his team, the ones he gave permission to). In the 3d holoblueprint they can see the placement for all the elements, and the shape of the different voxels, and this can be easy replicated with real materials. The blueprints can be divided in sections to allow the interiors of the ship or building to be made as well. This is a way of making a lore friendly creative mode have sense in the game, and it wont allow us from ejoying the process of building as simple spectators. Remember that only the designer and his team can see, the holoblueprint, what we see is a big construction taking place in real time. The process implies a necessary skill for planning, creating, mixing and merging those blueprints as well, something only possible for really skilled and experienced players, thus allowing for the enrichment of the designing job in general. What do you think?
  9. We are Calm We are The Box We don't have leaders, we have caretakers. We don't have problems, we have solutions. We don't have questions, we have Answers We are The Box We don't bring War, we bring Pandora We are The Sanctuary Accept the challenge or stay far away from us. Once infected there is no return. Now Run........It got out. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/pandoras-sanctuary/
  10. Got it ! Thanks for all answers !
  11. So you wont to rob me and other players from opportunity to stay nearby and watch something beautiful being build and just see empty field and then BOOM something appears from nowhere just because someone wanted to build it in "offline" instance and import afterwards? Totally immersion breaking for me. Or someone who flies by and sees a huge construction site and wonders if he can offer his mining/hauling services, so he lands and starts to chat with you and this wont be possible because most big constructs will just be spawning from "thin air"? I am completely against creative mode - it takes development time away from other features just to drop loads of players into invisible instances and spawn constructs. I know why you want it, I just think it is better for everyone if we can interact with each other while we are doing our thing and also building in real environment is harder than in creative mode so it brings higher sense of accomplishment. But it is developer call, if they want to make another game with creative mode or stick to single shard universe.
  12. I have an original Idea for a Ship that relies heavily on the ability to jettison parts ... does anyone know if a feature like this is confirmed, rejected, or if it's even possible?
  13. A 3d holographic map of a planet is visible in one of JC's videos (in the control room of a space station, I believe)
  14. IMO creative mode could perfectly be a completely separate mode, sort of a personal instance, intendeed for designing and programming purposes. A place where you can créate and test ships or stations or other constructs and contraptions, the blueprint them, and export those blueprints into the main game to be built for whatever the amount of resources is needed in each case. I hardly see this as an overpowered feature, much more as a necessary one for creators.
  15. It's not planned for release and close period. Though they said somewhere at later 'addons' such features may be added. The main reason I believe is that moving parts add much more complexity to game physics like collisions and multy-grid interactions. I agree that having modules for Rotors, Sliders, Pistons, Hinges, Rails will contribute significantly to creativity. But on the other hand it's better to have less functionality that is properly tested and polished than more features that can cause troubles.
  16. Bonjour @CaptainGeek Comme indiqué dans les règles du forum postées ici, il est demandé de ne pas faire de "Necroposting" (répondre à des sujets n'ayant pas eu de nouvelle réponse depuis près de 2 mois). Une des raisons principales est d'éviter de ressortir des sujets qui ne sont plus d'actualité, où sur lesquels la situation a radicalement évolué (comme c'est le cas ici) et générer de la confusion au sein de la communauté. Comme l'a mentioné MikeBuke, il y a déjà des initiatives communautaires francophones. On peut également trouver la réponse officielle la plus à jour sur le sujet ici. Nous informerons naturellement la communauté francophone dès que nous aurons plus d'infos sur le sujet. Dans la mesure où tout a été dit sur la question pour le moment et que ce fil de discussion aurait dû reposer en paix depuis quelques mois, il va être verrouillé Cordialement, Nyzaltar.
  17. Yes, and that's why this topic is going to be closed, now that an updated reply has been given Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  18. Too bad, you could make a lot of cool stuff with robotics.
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  20. https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions See "Rejected": No Rotors, Sliders, Pistons, Hinges or Rails.
  21. The uniform and the man didn't seem to go together, the first being new and the second looking well used. A Signal Inc shoulder crest looked even newer than the uniform. Straightening to the sort of relaxed attention only possible from being a Mustang, the whiskey smooth baritone came out mellow but precise. "Chrystoph, reporting for duty as ordered." _____________________________________________ In just the right place age-wise to ride both the table top gaming and the desktop computer evolutions, I have been a gamer most of my life, and am fresh from EVE. I have been space crazy forever, cutting my teeth on Star Trek: TOS and Space 1999 as a youngster. I am coming to DU because many of my wing-mates are moving here from other venues, and it is my hope to find additional friends here. Wanderlust has always been part of my character, both in meatspace and in my gaming, and finding interesting out of the way things is one of my favorite activities. I was bitten hard by the Exploration bug in Elite: Dangerous, including being a member of the original Distant Worlds Expedition 3302. Here is a photo album of some of my finds: https://imgur.com/a/kkuae I am hoping to be a designer as well, as I have often found that to be at least as amusing as actual use of my designs. I made vehicles in the old Car Wars tabletop, mechs in Battletech (both the tabletop and early Mechwarrior series) and ships in several games including Traveler, Elite: Dangerous and EVE.
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  25. I expect DU to have plenty of opportunity for the casual games. Obviously those who invest time and effort will see greater rewards and be able to more shape their own existence and presence in the game than a casual gamer but I do not see why there could not be room for both at all. Overall, I think DU will give you back what you put in. Playing casually really will not put you in a position to be decisive or leading in any way, that takes a lot of time and effort. You can definitely find a place doing what you enjoy with a supportive group even when you go (mostly) solo. In the end it all depends on what you choose to make of your time in game.
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