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  2. abat74

    I'm new and need approval

    Thanks, looking forwards to it.
  3. Holylifton

    Realistic incentives for City building

    Close. What will really drive the construction of a city is Organizations. Particularly the large ones with >50 players. The leader picks the planet/moon and lays down a territory unit and the rest of the members lay down territory units adjacent to other members and suddenly, you have a sprawling city of bases, meeting places, space ports and residences (people love their residences). This may also drive an architectural council that may intervene if your neighbor raises a massive penis right next to your life's work. Additionally, you could coordinate defenses across the whole organization as well. It all depends on what the PVP mechanisms look like.
  4. Holylifton

    Merging Constructs.

    At minimum, a "snap to grid" option would be nice so that you can at least line up your voxels between two static contructs. That would provide a nice smooth merge.
  5. NinjaPlease1221

    I'm new and need approval

    Hey, Welcome! Glad you decided to get in on the alpha. Thursday cannot get here soon enough...Be sure to get your questions answered on the discord and have fun man!
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  7. Hi I'm Patrick, I`ve been here for a while and I need approval from a moderator to be able to link my discord with DU profile. Thank you in advance 
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  9. Henshaw

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm glad to have finally bit the bullet and got into this game! Hoping to be a constructive member of the community. I'm an older gamer. Favorite MMO would have to be SWG. If it sounds like I may be of interest to your org/guild shoot me a link. Also I'm in need of approval if anyone could help me with that.
  10. Gerald_Deemer

    Introduction, observations, and opinion

    Well spoken. All people who recognize the enormous potential of DU get fascinated immedtately.
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  12. Yuuyake

    Interactive Elements Category

    I agree, and there have already been a lot of topics around the idea of connecting constructs : Force field/ray connectors Docking mechanics Merging Constructs. Connecter ... For me, the ability to connect things, and movements between them, is an important feature missing in the game (as far as I know). I was thinking of mechanical connexions, but magnetism would add an nice Sci-Fi feeling.
  13. I've been stalking DU for a while and finally parted with my cash today. Apparently I need approval in order to link my Discord account.
  14. Yuuyake

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    It's not the moderator we need but the moderator we deserve.😈
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  19. Just playing around with ideas but I think it would enhance the game to have interactive elements that "connect behaviors". For example, Ball Bearings, and Magnets (and yes I realize there's a prior post about magnets). I'm not suggesting elements that provide behavior for behaviorial sake, but perhaps a class of "mechanical" elements that provide different interactions in a similar way that buttons and switches provide, when paired up with different items of the same class. Positively charged magnets combined with negatively charged magnets for example, create a magnetic field. A positively charged magnet by itself is just attracted to certain types of ores and voxels (like Mag Boots to walk a deck in vacuum). Ball Bearings paired with Couplings to provide a range of motion/rotation (linear movement), Actuators that provide lift/movement. A gearbox, or just plain, simple gears and cogwheels (imagine centrifugal force space stations). A pulley assembly (loading docs, space elevators) Such items I think would greatly enhance the build of gameplay, and really open up the power of voxelmancy in what's already a pretty cool implementation.
  20. Atmosph3rik

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    i'm like, wow this Portlandia clip is very relevant to... wait a minute. 😁
  21. I'm bit worried what new EU copyright directives are going to do. To my understanding they cause a platform to be legally responsible for copyrighted material being posted on them, so if someone builds and X-wing in DU would that be copyrighted material that could be targeted and how much risk would DU face with thousands of people building things. That is the stupidity and major reason the laws are resisted. Most of the attention is about social media, but wouldn't the sharing of such designs in MMO count too just as much. Also George Lucas sold star wars so it would be Lucasfilm/Disney that would have claim on you for doing anything with their copyright, or some random company somehow holding rights for them like with Warner Chambel claiming Vader fan film, because they decided that three seconds of original music sounded too much like star wars music. Frankly, I think that is much force than Lucas having the rights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As for the devblog, I focused largely on the safe area concept. As much as I'd like to build my things without constant worry, taking that too far might be a problem for MMO. We don't want people just putting together fleets in safe zones and going out to battle for fun but unable to reach the most important things of enemies. For starters, I think that the Arkification Token: idea seems too much, especially the ability to put it anywhere. Just slap one large resource area or organization HQ and you've gotten a bit too large of an area. The Alien Ruins: would seem a more reasonable option for adding safe zones in the common universe. Basically, if devs feel the arkship safe zone (and was there some sanctuary moon?) isn't enough they can add a safe zone elsewhere and the "alien ruins" concept would effectively be an in-game lore/game mechanics reason instead of just pointing at a place and saying here. I also like the idea that players would need to rebuild or -activate the thing. Perhaps there is an ancient alien security system at the middle of some ruins of a city or outpost, and restoring power to the security system makes that a safe zone. (also discovering alien ruins might be an interesting gameplay mechanic to discover some technologies/element blueprints. Added a new system in a patch? Dump few ruins in the universe with bits of data that can start research.) I would, however, add either some mechanic to prevent one player or organization from taking the whole "alien ruins" safe zone, perhaps a limit that one organization can have, or making the restoration process such that others have a chance to claim it. Make it so that restoration takes time and the system sends a signal that tells rest of the player base what is about to happen, giving them a chance to A. stop restoration B. take over the whole thing. C. carve out a part of the territory by force D. Partner with the other group to share safe zone. Even with this, I think that an absolute safe zone might be a bit much, so perhaps it would require an upkeep of some sort, like constant high-ish power drain which needs to be supplied. This way a siege might still be a valid way to kill the zone. Alternatively, the safety might not be absolute but could be broken with sufficient firepower and perhaps some timer system. There was a discussion that veered to this topic in a thread on multi-block weapons (can't find anymore on the forum and trying to click old notification gives "you do not have permission to view this content"). This way there could be generally safe areas, but such that some organization couldn't just turn into invulnerable HQ citadel. Of course, there could be even other limitations like not being able to bring any weapons or weapons above a certain level in the protected territory (could make lore reason of that alien security system not letting them in). This way such area at least couldn't be used as an invulnerable shipyard to put out dreadnoughts without anyone being able to counter it. The final option Virtual Simulator:f is something I mainly like, sounds basically like a creative mode, that I remember some people asking. I still must admit that there are questions about how this would affect the players. Some share of people might just play mostly in creative instead of coming to the common universe (though paying monthly for single player, or even multiplayer creative construction tool might not attract too many). This is a totally valid worry. I owned Space engineers for years and hundreds of game hours without any real survival gameplay, just oversized creative projects. It might not be best for the MMO aspect if most excited builders don't show up most or some of the time. Personally, I would like to hear about protection/defence mechanics that aren't just total safe zone. Like if I set up a territory unit is there any protection things besides keeping people away with guns to prevent the first bypasser with a gun from lowing things up. Presumably, territory would prevent voxel manipulation but that doesn't protect from guns.
  22. GeneralAdrian

    Q&A Compilation Thread

    Hello! i was just wondering, how big can ships really get after release? I’ve been under the impression that «If you can dream it you can DU it», so in theory no limit to the size, just like space stations and ground buildings. I just want to see Super Star Destroyer sized ships haha... And those sizes should be possible for massive and strong organizations.
  23. Lethys

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    (III) Following actions are prohibited: Posting off-topic replies or replies that are likely to drag the discussion off topic. Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months). Spamming on a specific topic. This includes creating multiple discussions on the same topic in the same or multiple forums. Cross-posting a specific reply. This is also a form of spamming. Posting an image without a meaningful text. A meme is not a response to a discussion. They are usually disruptive and can be easily misinterpreted. The same is true for animated GIFs. just saying xD
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    Begging for mod? Ban... for real though, this alone should qualify him, but with all the extra stuff he's done, this man deserves this
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    Freakin Hilarious!...when can you start??
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