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Planet Cracker

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Hello, Legate here. I've been thinking of an idea for miners or invaders. A giant mining laser meant to mine from surface to bottom. It will consume a ton of power for the Planet Cracker to work. A grand amount of resources to craft this laser. Since there is seemingly infinite planets, there will always be a planet to mine. Things I can see is with at least 6 Planet Cracker Lasers, it will be able to cause a planet to rupture and collapse in on itself, basically deleting the planet from records. The only places where these Planet Crackers can be used to start the collapsing process is on BARON planets. As in no players, Ark-ships, or civilizations. To prevent complete civilization annihilation (that rhymed). When the Planet Collapse is activated, a signal is sent to everyone on the planet warning them that it has been activated. This will continue charging even if you start a city or an Arkship lands during the charging phase. The Planet Cracker will take up to 30 mintues to 1 hour to charge, +10 minutes for each other laser. So for the Planetary Collapse to make a planet turn inside out it would be: (30 + 6 x 10 = 90 minutes, or 1 hour and 30 minutes until Planetary Collapse). It can be charged while you are away from your ship, but can only be activated from the ship where the lasers are on. Once activated, a 2:30 minute count down will begin, sending a distress signal to all players on the planet to leave. If they don't leave, the concussive wave of the Planet Crackers when it his the Inner Core of a planet will cause a bodily shutdown to the player and an atmospheric deterioration, killing the player if they are not exitted the planet's atmosphere.


When the laser is activated, it will carve out a big hole in the affected area. The minerals within the affected area will be exposed and will fall to the bottom. When the process is complete, the ship will have a power surge, stopping all processes for 2 minutes (+2 minutes per laser). Once the process is complete, the lasers will need to be repaired due to the amount of energy they consumed and the heat damage afflicted to them. The lasers themselves are quite durable, mostly to keep the energy from being released and causing the ship to melt down. The lasers themselves won't completely break, but they can be rendered unusable when a set amount of damage is taken. If reached to this state, the only way to repair it is to salvage it and make a new one (You will get the majority of the components, but not all of them.). If the Planet Cracker is charging, the lower the health is. Allowing players to stop either a Planet Cracker or a Planetary Collapse.


This idea seems extremely far fetched, just felt like throwing it out there.



P.S. I'm hungry, someone bring me some chips over by Alpha Centauri please.

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