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Plutarch Mining Corporation - PMC




About the Company

The PMC is a new Organisation, which is focused on mining of materials and researching new technologies.

Our goal is to provide the resources and technologies needed for the reconstruction of our civilization.



The PMC was founded in 2018 by Henry Plutarch. It was one of the first companies which farmed asteroids. Until the year 2340, the PMC was able to extend its monopoly position and helped the mankind to new prosperity. However, the PMC has also invested a lot of money into research, which had finally makes the long journey to our new home only.


Future plans

The PMC is still far away from its original size. We want the PMC bring back to the top of the economy and support the new world government in the reconstruction of our civilization.




What we offer

We offer a job in a new interesting environment, which will in the mining industry or in research.

We also offer a performance matched fair salary.


We also offer free vehicles and personal quarters for you and your family.





We are part of the Terran Union and help to rebuild our civilisation.






Join us: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/plutarch-mining-corporation-pmc


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I wish you a splendid day, Anno301095. On behalf of the Aether, I welcome you to Dual Universe. We are most pleased that you are a member organisation of the Terran Union and we hope to get more acquainted with you in the near future. Till then, farewell.


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Thought I recognised the name of the company... the name is lifted from the X series of games (X2 The Threat, X3, X3 Terran Conflict, X3 Albion Prelude are among my favourite games).

Hmmm... I'd becareful about trademarks. Those games are published by Koch Media, which is owned by the Koch brothers, two very wealthy induviduals.

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