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for immersion.

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i follow this game with interest but i need to know some details who will give a lot of immersion.


will there be a big atmosphere on planets with clouds and different natural meteorologic effects ?


the game will have a lot of npc some with secrets or speciality, like real life ? also will npc have a deep ai?


will there be tons of variety of vegetal, mineral and animal ?


thank you. :)

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Hi Atriumgp and welcome! :)


To answer your questions: 


- Big atmosphere on planets with clouds?

Yes, it's planned.


- Different natural meteorologic effects?

It might be implemented, but not anytime soon (meaning: most likely not in the alpha)


- Lots of npc, some with secrets or speciality?

Well we won't say never, but keep in mind we are still an indie studio and not a studio backed by a big publisher with hundreds of millions of dollars (developping a lot of customized npcs cost a lot of dev time, hence a lot of money). We have to take tough decisions, at least for now, and choose some priorities over others. We also want to incite social interactions between players and we fear adding too many npcs could have a contrary effect. That being said, we will do our best to make the best immersive experience for our game and we will remain attentive to community feedback. 


- Tons of variety of vegetal, mineral and animal? 

We plan indeed to have a significant variety of vegetal and mineral. variety of animals will be a bit more tricky as it cost a lot more in terms of development time (you need to have animated models + AI and that's not cheap if you want to make only quality content). We plan to add more diversity over time but it will also probably tied to some strech goals on our crowdfunding campaign planned for the end of the year.


We are aware that this might be not as satisfactory as you expected but we prefer to be honest and straightforward than promising the moon with our current budget. If the crowdfunding campaign goes well then this might become entirely another matter, but for now we have to keep realistic goals. I hope this answer to your questions. If you have some additional ones, don't hesitate to ask!


Best Regards,


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i have other questions.


if i find for example a mecanism, can i destroy it and collect materials?

can i create plans and alliages or whatever i want and put it on my library or is it a library with predefined places for the different plans.

for last question maybe i see too high or not.^^


Thank you. See you soon.

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Hi atriumgp!


What do you mean by "destructible mechanism"?


About plans:

(what is explained below is still work in progress so it might change with development iterations)


- You will be able to create what we call "Blueprints": it will include informations about all voxel shapes and Elements (props) used in a construct.

If you  have the correct amount of materials and the elements necessary to build the construct on you or in close proximity, you can create said construct by using the Blueprint with a Factory Unit. Blueprints will be represent as items in the inventory. Blueprint copies are meant to be tradable. Blueprint masters (originals) might be bound to character (but this is still something not set into stone yet).


- You will be able to design "Patterns": once the player has defined a "Selected Area", it is possible to copy this area into memory, storing all the voxel shapes information (this excludes active Elements). This is called a Pattern. Patterns allow basic operations like Copy/Cut/Paste. A Pattern is limited in size and cannot be traded/exchanged in-game.


About "alliages" (you mean "alloys" ?):

This is something currently in development. It's a bit early to present you a clear gameplay right now.

But this is definitely something we would like to include in the crafting system: enabling players to make their own alloys.


We hope this answered your questions :)


Best regards,


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Thank you for the answers. What i mean of destructing mechanism is for exemple i find an alien mechanism, for exemple a motor of a ship. Can i destroy partially or totally the motor to extract the different elements of the motor ?

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I love this thread, but I want to ask a question about the Cut/Copy/Paste of blueprints/Patterns.


Will these be locked to singular placement, as in they can only be placed when they do no intersect with anything else and will they be locked to a single orientation or are they rotatable and flyable?


I posted in a different thread about 'module' construction. Where you could save many 'prefabs' and bring them out to 'attach' them onto a current construction, much like a kerbal space program way of prefrabing.


So this would allow you to store up a library of many different smaller constructions that don't really do anything spectacular by themselves but can be 'added' to current/new builds to give it a extra effect.


So i could have a module that is a 'Single Medical Bay' (for example), it's purpose is to support 1 person with medical treatment and has all the required components to work, but is built in a fashion that it can be 'added' to other constructions or duplicated in a line to make a medical facility made up of 10 iterations of the single medical bay....



Oh and during writing this i've just thought of something else if modules are going to be a part of DU. Will we be able to edit the 'Parent' module and any changes will changed on the 'child/copy' modules if we have the resources. Maybe the module goes into a 'unfinished' state when you edit that 'Parent' or something. 


God i haven't been this excited since i was the Primary Tester for Planet Explorers, which i've just remembered about too, this feels like a better more improved version of that... With Planets!.. 

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