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    Seat on jacks

    Hello, I intend to buy a seat on jacks with steering wheel and and pedal for racing games and space simulations, for more immersion. It would be nice if Dual Universes is compatible with these seats. Thank you.
  2. In star citizen there will be flight restriction. There is a good reason for. in my opinion there must be closed areas for different kind of activities the game will offer. Landing and take off without directives is good for wild areas. It is for the game coherence. All is possible but there must be laws. Mayabe i see too high but lua is not here for nothing.
  3. There is no obligation but i have to say there are two things. We have two sorts of territorries, territories controled with a minimum of gouvernement regularisation and territories non controled or wild territories. In sort you are in one of those two categories we have two sort of reactions. Without or with a police, wild or controled. I will not use lua system because it is too complicated but i understood systems can be created with it. Politics works with lua, creations of racings events works with lua. And so on...
  4. It is more realistict for an evoluated organisation to have flight restrictions. In absolute we can land and take of everywhere. But listen, in acity and in an evoluated gouvernement would it be normal to let a ship land near a cefeteria where people just relax. Immersion is completelly broken. And In DU we can control politics whith lua scripts. I don’t understand why it is not possible to do it with flight restrictions. If DU wants to give a lot of careers, here is one possible.
  5. That’s right. The rights for landing and take off should be linked to territory rights. Maybe players can create something with lua editor. Normally we can land everywhere but in evoluated areas there must be having special areas for ships. I think lua is here for that.
  6. I want to propose this idea to trello. Is there a link for the ideas or they take them to this section of the forum ?
  7. Hello, i would like to say it would be cool if there is gameplay with autorisations where we can land and take off. At least at controled areas. As we have aeroports in real life. Have areas without ships noises, in cities or parks for exemle. Land and take off everywhere is not good for emersion. At least in evoluated or controled areas. Landing in a no man’s land is an other story because it is a wild area, so we can do what we want. Is there already something on gameplay in controled territories about take off or landing autorisations ? Thx for reading, good continuation.
  8. They said from different sources release is late 2018. What is your source release is after pls ?
  9. The final result will be way better. End of 2018 is near.
  10. Hello, I have read on the trellos map that copy/past a voxel or an element of a construct to an other was rejected. It does mean we can copy the whole construct only. what if i am interested of a part and not of the construct alltogether. It should be possible to past a part to an other part. Is it technically difficult to implement this or the game system does not allow edit a construct to an other construct (external). I mean we can normally edit our construct (internal) but not with other (external) construct. What if an other person is interested of an old engine i sell, we can not directly replace my engine to his construct ? Thank you for your comprehension.
  11. Hello, Here is the question. Is it possible on the whole game to play without fighting. I mean without pvp ( except pve there is no full loot) Because i had the experience in an other mmorpg with full loot and i i lost all my gear because of it. Are there more mecanism more pacific without using violence on an other player (except pve) ? Thank you a lot and see you.
  12. Ok thank you all. After thinking boot camp seems to be a very good solution. For the viruses I have a friend he has 4 antivirus, 3 antiviruses could not stop the virus wanna cry, only the forth. I had never problems with viruses on Mac. By the way Windows on Mac is for me the best thing.
  13. Ok thank you. I use for long time macs for durability and security and i hope there will be a native version for mac. For dual boot it is better than to have a pc, it is less expensive a pc version then but need antivirus installed. Macs don't need. See what happened with wannacry virus on pc.
  14. Hello, Apple will upgrade their macs to very powerfulls macs. Are you planning to make Dual universe for mac ? Thank you.
  15. I totally agree. The game looks good for the moment but it could be better in my meaning. About weather they said, it is cool but these are effects they can add after release. I prefer they said, ok the game will not be launched at the end of 2018 but later, the time we implement ALL we want to be the bet game. I prefear a game completely done at launch then adding dlc after release.
  16. I am excited to see that i am not obligated to play only pvp or pve, i can evoluate in a game in a peacefull way. I want to see how i can evoluate and interact with other players without violence. It will be the first time in a game this way.
  17. In a qestion and answer it has been said that planets will have 100 km radius, i just wonder if it is technically possible to have very much bigger planets.
  18. So then if it is technically possible, why dont make huge planets ? Maybe the mass of voxel constructions make a charge of server and client too loud... Or not... Kurock or someone else, can you explain why it is possible ? Thank you
  19. I have a question.Is it technically possible to have real scalle planet sirze in this game, I mean planet with 20k or even 50k kilometers diameter ?
  20. We have time to see how things will go on.
  21. Hmm maybe they say that for star citizen. By the way we will know more about persons and corporation identity maybe after. But it would be logical for ergonomic, realistic and for visibility that the nanopad would be in contact with other nanopads by scanning for persons, corporations and i don't know, shops informations. I also would like to know.
  22. It has been said there will be no merchant waiting outside a shop with his name above his head. It will be more realistic, certainly identification with the nanopad. No more information about that for the moment.
  23. Realy good idea. Make a corporation or many corporations who take all the tracks of the galaxy one time or else by year. After take the best tracks of the universe, one or two by galaxy and for califications and after that the championship. Make a leatheer board to let our name in the legend. Of course there will be money and other rewards to win. Make corporation is a part of lua. It is not an obligation to make wars, something more intelligent can be done, in peace. Of course there will be violence and peace and a little both of them. The choice is ours. There is a lot to create
  24. Yes, make a planet unique by his sort of athmosphere, so by his sort of ressources. Make variety on planets, not only for planets but for the whole aspects of the game. Find this sort of ressources specially by this sort of planet. Find this sort of artifact in this or this sort of planet. Make a hierarchy on planets. Make variety on unity. I hope that's what they plane and even better.
  25. A good work, realistic technics and fun.
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