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Is it still impossible to move to a new Sanctuary/Haven Hex?


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On launch I ended up with a shit plot, that was near one of the markets that didn't have teleporters because we only had basic information about what was around the plot when choosing it (unlike in beta where we had to physically go to it before deciding...) and I remember it was impossible to move to a new plot. That's actually why I stopped playing it on release...
Is it still like that or is there any way to move to a new location?


Edit: I just checked this and weirdly enough, my last post was exactly 1 year ago, where I complained about this same issue...

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Yes, it's still impossible, that's by design, though you aren't really supposed to stay in Haven any longer than the first hours into the game, so that shouldn't matter.

I'm not sure about Sanctuary though, maybe if you pull a ticket with NQ, since those tiles are only for backers...

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Hi Chrius,


Does your account already have access to claiming a territory on Sanctuary? 


You can put in a request through a support ticket to move your territory, it is sometimes possible to do so, depending on different factors. But your best bet is to put in that request to see if we're able to assist you with that.

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42 minutes ago, Chrius said:

No I only have a plot on Haven (Iirc I had one on Sanctuary during alpha/beta)

It all depends if your account is eligible to have a territory on Sanctuary. However, even so, if you've just recently landed on Haven and really don't like the location you picked, definitely put in a support ticket to see if they can lend a hand in helping you change spots.

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