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how do i renew


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6 hours ago, Koffye said:

On their website "https://www.dualuniverse.game/"  you want to click on "PLAY NOW". There you can see the payment option.




Your 'Account\My Products'  and push "auto-renewal" to on. If you have a payment in the past, the system would automatically extend your subscription on aug 30

Thanks Koffye. :)

Andsim, the easiest way is to log into your account at the website address above. You should see a "Log in" on the top right of the screen, from there you go to the Account\My Products section, and you can choose from there how you wish to renew or auto renew and your payment options.

Welcome to Dual Universe new Novean, please let us know if you have any additional questions. 😻

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1.) Front Page and click "play now". See attached file

2.) You are a Patron User. You should have DACs. One DAC is 30days gaming time worth.    
 My Account Details\DACs   "Convert my dacs into subscription time"




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