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Update drops. Now the game doesn't even start in GFN. What a bunch of amateurs.


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Every time I start DU on GFN it wants to update to 1.2.3, when it is done checking I can press PLAY and get the error: ERROR CODE: 0x8003001F.

It then resets again to 1.2.2. Even if I complete the update process and kill the connection, it reverts back to 1.2.2.

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On 1/5/2023 at 8:19 PM, Romules13 said:

i didnt even hae trouble with ore dropping from calibrations till they "fixed" it now im having all kinds of issues with it 



Not one issue until the “fix”. Now I’ve gotten ore from maybe 6 out of the last 20 calibrations.

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14 hours ago, Jinxed said:

They fixed ore drops and digging. 

man’s now I lose 1/3 of all my ore calibrations and every time I try and dig I get internal server errors every few seconds. 

Great fixes NQ. 

He doesn’t read this, anyway.  

I lost 3 out 10 after calibration from the ground ore.  thats better i think



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Yes.  Quite a few days later, without notification and with the anti-afk script I was using nerfed it did, in fact, start working again but still did not feel particularly professional.


Breaking the anti afk thing makes GFN useless for DU anyway because it logs you out every 8 minutes and DU is a game where spending a lot longer than 8 minutes doing absolutely nothing is part of the core gameplay.  The AFK timeout makes DU on GFN about as useful as a chocolate teapot most of the time so I will probably be asking Nvidia for a refund now.

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The most important part is actually getting it fixed, no communication about it is... Well, let's not go down that road.


Yeah, GFN isn't great for slowboating space ships. But to be honest, I would suggest you do that locally on your PC. GFN is great (when it works) if you need a bit more power then your local PC will give you. I'm currently running the priority subscription, that effectively gives me a RTX 2080, while my local computer only draws 17W-27W. I'll eventually go for a RTX 4080 subscription when I'm more comfortable with using GFN...

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