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Hello, Noveans!


If you’ve supported Dual Universe during our Crowdfunding roots, we want to give you clarity on the delivery of your in-game rewards.


You will receive the following in-game rewards at the launch of Dual Universe on September 27th:

  • All of your DAC balance
  • Titles In-Game
  • Sanctuary Territory Unit
  • The Arkship Cryogenic Tube
  • A Skin for the Resurrection Node
  • Furniture Sets
  • Fireworks
  • We will also include your name in the game’s credits as a Crowdfunding backer. Should you wish to opt-out of this reward, please contact us at privacy@novaquark.com as soon as possible.*

*Important information about names:

Your real name will appear in the credits if your real first name and name have been provided with a space between. 
If no real name has been provided and a shipping name has been, then the shipping name will appear in the credits.
If no shipping name has been provided either, your display name will appear in the credits.


The following in-game rewards will be delivered in updates AFTER the game’s launch: 

  • The Alpha Team, Arkship Passenger, and Earth Legacy Outfits.
  • In-Game Pets
  • Emotes




We’re also making progress on the delivery of your physical Kickstarter rewards. We’ll update you with more information on that soon!


Dual Universe exists today thanks to our backers, including all of you who supported us in our Crowdfunding roots. With your help, we are launching in a month. We’re thrilled with the support you’ve shown us by wishlisting the game on Steam, and the energy you’ve built around the game, with also welcoming new Noveans into our community. 


If you’ve not yet visited our Steam page, here it is! By wishlisting us there, you’ll help Dual Universe gain visibility and bring us to new gamers across the globe.


Let us know your thoughts on the Kickstarter rewards in this thread.


Thank you for your support, Noveans!

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