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BP Modifications


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I would like the ability to modify a bp by replacing voxel/element types, and or removing certain elements from a bp. This could be done within the core bp or permission granted on copies to make modifications.


For example let’s say I have 2k windows on a static core bp. It would be a pain to simply remove 2k windows I might not want on a deployed bp. Or let’s say you have a wonderful bp of a ship but you prefer to have it all with T1 engines.. u could simply make this change prior to deployment within the bp.

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According to NQ in the latest stream you will be able to substitute one voxel type for another when placing a blueprint but I think that is not coming until after launch. As for substituting elements they mention that you will be able to exclude elements when placing a BP. It seems that you would have to add the t1 engines manually after excluding the higher tier engines when deploying the BP.


It looks like you will get most of what you are wishing for but not until after launch

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Yes, I posted the same suggestion a long, long time ago. And yes, NQ announced - just as my good friend master J-Rod correctly mentions - that exactly those features will come after the reset in a few days. 🙂

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