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Best gaming keyboard 2022?


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Since you are asking a subjective question, I will answer it personally. What I use for mouse, keyboard, and headset are Logitech products because their products are well-designed for intuitiveness, conventionality, and simplicity (even the software that comes with their products is so). In terms of costs, the price of their products are competitive in a way that they are priced the same as the competition while offering one of the best design for usability. In terms of durability, many of the competition beats Logitech as Logitech is not known for durable products based on my experience. I've been a user of Logitech products for long and I highly trust their products based on usability. When you are buying accessories, usability is the most important factor.


For mouse, I'm using G502 Hero. It costs $200 but the competition also sell their mouse at the same price. Sure, based on my experience, this mouse is not the most durable but what mouse are you gonna find in the market that feels as easy to use while offering extensiveness (many buttons) and with an easy to use software? 


For MMO mouse, for $50, G600 is easier to use than the competition because the side buttons are curved. By feeling the curves, you can distinguish the buttons better. 


If you need keyboard with programmable keys, Logitech sells them with the keys grouped. If 6 of the programmable keys are together vertically, it's hard to distinguish them than grouping them into two's vertically. Again, their keyboards are more easier to use with an easy to use software.


Invest in usability! Xbox controller is more useable than a Playstation controller, it boils down to the design! 

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A bit late to the topic but since I'm here, why not give my two cents anyways.


My previous and current keyboard both are Surara PRO keyboard from Redragon, they are opto-mechanical and are a pleasure to use (I spend like 12-14h daily mostly typing on my PC), the only real difference between them is the switch colors, the previous one being blue (tactile and loud) and the current one being red (linear, non-tactile, mostly quiet). At first I was a bit concerned on moving to a red switch because the blue ones felt really good to type on, but I got used really quick and it feels really nice to play flight sims on them too.


That being said, Redragon is not a very well-known brand when compared to Logitech, Razer, etc, and their non-optical keyboards have a few issues because of the cheap Outemu switches they use, but if you're looking for something with a good price and that's easily found, then it might be a good option.


While at the subject, if you find any optical keyboards like the ones Razer has it might be a good option, at least from my experience those switches don't really break easily as the only electronics on them are a small light and receiver mounted directly on the main board instead of the switch, with the switch consisting only of a small bit of plastic or some other material that moves and blocks the light. When I got my keyboards they included a bunch of those plastic bits in case I ever need replacement but I really didn't.


Another keyboard I enjoyed quite a bit was from Akko, they do a lot of customization on their keyboards though, like lots of custom keycaps etc, might be a good idea if you're into that. I bought one of their World Tour Tokyo keyboards as a gift a while ago and they have a great feeling, the build is also quite nice and they were pre-lubed too.


A bit going off-topic, but make sure you lube your keyboards too, it makes a big difference on the feel of it.

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