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The Alioth Exchange Grand Opening!


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Hear ye, hear ye! The Alioth Exchange is having a grand opening celebration this Friday, July 8th, starting at 15:30 UTC until 21:00 UTC!


At 15:30 UTC, the festivities will begin! The Keeper of The Exchange NQ-Nicodemus will be there to welcome you, as well as NQ-Nyota! (Will there be other NQ names that will make a special appearance? Well, you’ll have to be there to find out.) It’s a great opportunity to visit and see the attractions and offerings that players have created and that are on display at The Exchange.


Prizes, did we mention prizes?


There will be dispensers available from the start of the event and lasting throughout the weekend (for everyone who isn't available during the grand opening event) until Monday at noon UTC. Please “check-in” by activating the dispenser (onsite at The Exchange) to receive your free one-time gift. Activating the dispenser will also put your name in the big draw for the grand prize of one month of game time. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, July 12th. Good luck everyone!


Wondering how to get to the Alioth Exchange? It is a destination available in the POIs (Point of Interests) and you should not have any trouble finding it. If you do, please ask in the help chat. 


The lots in the green wing are all set up, come join us for the grand opening! (And prizes, don’t forget the prizes.)


Want to find out more about The Exchange? Please head over to this thread for all the details. 


We’ll be opening a discussion thread on the day of the event. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and maybe some screenshots as well (Don't forget to take some!). We hope to see you there!

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