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Hello, Noveans!

We’re close to the second anniversary of Dual Universe’s beta, and our latest update, Mercury, brings many exciting features to celebrate this milestone! With the new Lua API, the Exchange, Global Illumination, and more, we’re excited to head into summer with Dual Universe.

We’ve walked a long road together, and with your support, we’re just getting started. You can watch a recap of the past two years of beta here:



We’ve talked about our ongoing polish and stabilization which has remained a central focus in the Mercury update. Still, we are also introducing many new features and upgrades into the game; that includes:

THE EXCHANGE is a central commercial hub and exhibition center on Alioth. If you think of the Helios system as a giant shopping center, the Exchange acts as its information board, that connects players. It’s an in-game destination at the heart of a teleportation loop in the Pioneer Zone. It provides shops, adverts, and a community board to help any player advertise their offering to the community, whether that’s a ship shop, museum, Lua arcade, or anything else. You can watch NQ-Nicodemus present the feature in this video:



- SUMMER DACs are an exciting addition that allow every active player to gift a month of subscription to new Dual Universe players. This is our way of offering a free trial of Dual Universe to your friends. Additionally, it will help us to test the DAC system before we fully implement it later.

One Summer DAC will be given to every active Dual Universe account (including alpha and beta key accounts.) They can only be gifted or used to charge the first month of subscription on an account.

Once you subscribe to the game, whether by redeeming a Summer DAC, a beta key, or paying for a subscription, you may no longer use Summer DACs to add game-time to your account, as it is only meant to be a way to try the game.

Summer DACs are accessible through our website under My Account, where you can redeem or gift your Summer DAC, and see your DAC transaction history.




Once you've received your DAC, it is easy to convert it into subscription time through this page.


DACs-Convert (1).png


To confirm again, Summer DACs are separate from the DAC system and will not impact your DAC balance gained through our crowdfunding campaigns. They will expire towards the end of the summer if unused.

- THE LUA API revamp has the potential to improve almost every aspect of gameplay in Dual Universe. Whether you fly with a script, manage your factory with screens, or enjoy art and arcade machines in-game, your gameplay will be enhanced by our new Lua API. It will upgrade and improve the tools available to our community of creators who make the scripts enjoyed by every Novean. If you script with Lua in Dual Universe, or if you want to, you can find our mock API on Github as well as a full changelog on our forum here.

- ART IMPROVEMENTS are also here in Mercury. We’ve added Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) as an opt-in graphical option in Dual Universe, and improved our Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO.) This, along with other improvements to our art assets such as new vegetation and improved in-game sounds, will help enhance your immersion in the game. 

THE NOVEAN OVERVIEW is a new interface in which players may see their unlocked item skins. We will expand upon this system in future updates, with improvements on displaying character information such as construct slots, territories, calibration points, and so on.




- Every character will have their talent points refunded back to their pool with Mercury. As this reset also empties the skill training queues, make sure to fill them up again as soon as possible, to not lose out on talent point acquisition. While we must perform this reset for technical reasons related to upgrading our systems, this is also an opportunity for players to refocus talents into different areas and try new ‘builds’, or to simply correct training away from unwanted talents.


- Also, as we’ve previously announced, polish and stabilization continue to be a primary focus for us, and Mercury will bring many bug fixes and improvements that will enhance the experience of playing the game.


Moving forward from Mercury, we will be continuing to work on stabilization and polishing, but we’re also working on improving the blueprint system, the market UI, introducing digital Kickstarter rewards, and much more!

You can share your thoughts on this update with us in this forum thread.


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