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Cannot login since the update [SYSTEM_ERROR(REQUEST_TIMEOUT(ERROR:2)]


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At first when I logged in afte rthe client update, it said 


"Disconnected by the server! 


You have been disconnected by the server. (Disconnected by the anticheat system)

You will be able to reconnect after 58 seconds.


It has been about 10 minutes now, and each login attempt first does CONNECTION QUEUED: 1, and then after about 15 seconds, I get SYSTEM_ERROR(REQUEST_TIMEOUT(ERROR:2)


I went ahead and closed any random apps I had running in the background incase the Anticheat is finding a false positive but that hasn't helped. I submitted a ticket too.

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Hi Lunaprey, I am glad its working now but I fear that is only temporary. The most likely scenario here is that one of your gameplay files did not update correctly and the post update integrity check failed to catch it. The anti-cheat will continue to kick you whenever that file is indexed due to the mismatch. Sometimes it will happen right away but it could also take 30-45 minutes depending on the location. To fix the problem you can delete your current game folder and then let the launcher redownload everything. Note that NQ support might have a more elegant procedure for this so consider reaching out to them directly via https://support.dualthegame.com/



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