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Fill the "dead" world with some life


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This is no flame, even if some words may sound harsh. I love the game, even if the progress is quite slow sometimes.



Aside from the markets, the world feels quite dead. There are some Industries with animated parts and you can create animations on a screen. But thats it.

Even if you build with several players together, to create a city or a large base - often just a few are online and at the location at the same time. Everything else is static.

Its only an asthetic issue, but this keeps the immersion of the world at a quite low level.


Some ideas for a solution:

- animated elements:

rotating gears, elements that move up and down and other stuff like this

- particle elements:

elements that create smoke, fire, dust, sparks, water sprinkling effects and other

- sound elements:

elements that play a specific sound in a loop or with a timer, when you get close

- "NPCs":

a major thing would be NPCs. To distinguish between Players and NPCs, the NPCs could be simple Robots. They dont have to be too fancy. For example:

1. An animated robot for just decoration. You place the robot like an element and it performs a simple animation.

2. An animated robot as a "shop keeper", that works like the current dispenser.

To prevent exaggerated robot use, there could be high costs and a limitation per core.


These are just a few ideas on how the world could get more alive. Of course we would need more graphic options for this, so everyone can set the visibility range for the animations. Another topic connected with this is low poly models - even of already existing elements. Its quite annoying that a giant wing of a spaceship just plops in and out when you get closer/ farther away. Or that Industry Elements are either invisible, or rendered with all the details and animation.If there are low poly models of the larger elements that are shown at higher distance, we could get better looking far away constructs without extreme performance drops.


So what are your ideas to fill the world with some life?

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Some good progress has been made on Jago, check out the ecology there above and below water.

But I agree with you.

If you ever have plaid Ark Survival Evolved, you will never foget the absolutely remarkable, very romantic and stimulating sunsets that colorize sky and landscape in colors and deep shades that get out all your feelings and emotions. I even built there a tall tower, just to oversee the wide landscape below me during sunset. Atone point, the entire land was in a golden color until it faded into the blackness.

I believe, DU is on its way, too, but has not yet reached its own emotional-atmospheric peak. I expect a lot to come still. Wouldn't mind rain and storms, too. Even earthquakes as long as they are non-destructive.

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World is not quite dead "the world feels quite dead.", because it's dead. I haven't seen any life in it only static pointless huge constructs. The only constructs I respect is hangar and factory. The rest of buildings like towers, apartments, houses and other crap is useless, because your Avatar don't need it. Your Avatar don't sleep, eat, poop and not event TALK :D.


Wardrobe - place to change appearance (remove left menu button of avatar and add it here)

Bed placed on static core gives more logout bonuses. Something like 300 000 quanta for next login after N hours. 

Toilets or showers - gives 6h boost to skill point learning.

Add "push to talk" for people to communicate and build conference rooms, bars and other useless honycomb piles.


I know NPC in DU it's only a dream, but I still have hope for this.

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