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Dual Universe Discord major update


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Dear Noveans,


It has been quite some time that the Discord Moderation team and the Novaquark Community team have discussed changes internally to make the Discord up-to-date. Today, the changes have been deployed, to make the Discord ready for the upcoming update (Demeter) and the ones that will follow in the near future.


Changes: >Welcome

  • ?-server-information name changed to ?-discord-info
    Improved the information in this channel to be clearer along with updating some of the posts.
  • ?-dual-universe-faq name changed to ?-game-faq
    Updated this section which includes improving the answers to some of the questions to be clearer along with removing some of the questions that were no longer required to be in the channel.

Changes: >News

Most of this section has had their name changed along with most additions to the tab.

  • #NEWS tab changed to #Official News
  • ?-official-news name changed to ?-du-news
  • Removal of ?-duscord-news, #reddit-feed and #forum-feed
  • Addition of new channel named ?-du-feed here you will now find all the social feeds from Dual Universe which will include Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the Official Forum (Controlled by a new bot)
  • Moved ?-server-announcements from Dual Universe beta tab to #Official News
  • ?-server-announcements name changed to ?-server-maintenance
  • Moved ?-release-notes from Dual Universe beta tab to #Official News

Changes: >Dual Universe beta section deleted

  • Moved ?-community-help to Community section.

Changes: >Community

This channel has had major changes across the board.

  • ?-duscussion embed permission has been turned off
  • ?-duscussion banned word list has been updated to clean up the channel
  • ?-community-help name changed to ?-community-help
  • ?-trade removed from tab to be replaced with new >Trading Hub section
  • ?-gallery name changed to ?-construct-gallery
  • ?-construct-gallery removed from tab and moved to new >Creative section
  • ?-lfg removed from tab and moved to new >Community Ads section
  • ?-agora name changed to ?-community-creations
  • ?-community-creations moved to new >Creative section
  • ?-creators name changed to ?-streamers-corner
  • ?-utilities name changed to ?-services
  • ?-services removed from tab and moved to >Trading Hub section
  • ©-adverts removed to be replaced with >Community Ads section
  • ?-news-stand moved to new >Creative section
  • ?Newcomer Help Voice have been removed, more on this later.


Changes: New >Trading Hub section

This section of channels will now be the main place for all official trading for Dual Universe. We now have four separate channels listed below:

  • ?-commodities: This channel is for commodities only. This channel will have no links or embeds and will be in the correct format which can be found via pinned posts. If posts do not meet this requirement they are removed without notice. There is also a 6 hour slow mode on this channel
  • ?-ship-adverts: This channel is for ship constructs only. Embeds have been removed along with a 6 hour slow mode on this channel.
  • ?-building-adverts:This channel is for static constructs and voxel libraries only. Embeds have been removed along with a 6 hour slow mode on this channel.
  • ?-services: This channel will still function the same way ?-utilities functions at the moment details will be on the pinned posts for instructions.


Changes: New >Community Ads section

This channel has been added to organize all of the adverts that the community would like to put out for people to see along with some new rules on how these work.

  • ?-events: Nothing has changed to this channel apart from the addition of 6 hour slow mode
  • ?-org-recruitment: this channel will no longer be accessed through the Recruiter role. The channel will be controlled via Dynobot itself. To post on this channel, members will need to put a request in via @modmail in this format which then be added to dyno and put on a 24hr repeat.
    NAME: (enter org here)
    Description: (...)
    LINKS: (DISCORD , Community Org page , LOGO)
    Embeds will be disabled as well on this channel.
  • ?-lfg: This channel has been placed on on 6 hour slow mode with the addition of a format that must be followed (Experience)(Amount)(Location)(Language) if any post does not meet this requirement it will be deleted without notice.


Changes: New >Creative section

This channel you will find anything that is related to either pictures or videos of Dual Universe.

  • ?-streamers-corner:This is where people that have requested the Creators role via @modmail can post links to streams on the discord. 6 hour slow mode enabled.
  • ?-community-creations:  Renamed from ?-agora this channel will still contain videos that the community have made. 6 hour slow mode enabled.
  • ?-construct-gallery: Renamed ?-gallery. This channel will now be Dual Universe pictures only.
  • ?-news-stand: no changes


Changes: new >DUVoice section

  • ?Newcomer Help Voice no changes
  • NEW #DU-voice-creator channel: (Controlled by new bot) This channel is a new addition to the discord and will be replacing the existing DU voice channel. This channel, once accessed by the community, will create a personal channel for people to go into. No longer will you have just one channel to talk in, you can have multiple channels at the same time. The channels will auto delete when everyone has left the channel requiring no input from Moderators to create new channels etc. All logs are recorded; anyone found abusing the system will receive warnings for doing so.
  • AFK: no changes


  • >DU LOCAL CHATS Name changed to >Localized Chats

Changes: >Novean Plaza section deleted

Correct removal on channels and tab including #?-hardware,?-resort and ?-nitro


Best Regards,
The Discord Moderation team & the Novaquark Community team


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