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Docking - Element/feature request


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Dear NQ team,

as the new docking mechanics are on its way i want to bring attention to an possible new element that brings docking to the next level and probably many players would welcome.

A element dedicated for construct docking, similar to an RL airlock.

Features of that element could be..

    -  Two elements would dock face to face
    -  ..result in a defined position of the docked constructs

    -  Allowes passengers to pass through

    -  Acts as material/fuel port

    -  Possibility to control docking, undocking, transfer of materials / fuels via API

    -  Enable docking of cores of equal size (L:L, M:M, ...), but break on movement


The mechanics around such an element would greatly benefit the experience and immersion.

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I mainly think of it as ship to space station / base.

Imagine e.g. a ringstation where shuttles and freighters are not randomly cluttered, but on defined docking ports..allowing them to load off cargo and refill trough the docking element.


With that mechanics in place it could also be used within a hangar as pure matertial port.


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