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why are we mining by hand?

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I've been talking about this from the beginning... luckily some kind of automation is planned in a coming update. The current mining gameplay is actually pretty fun for a while.. but, yes extremely tedious, and pretty impactful on the overall fun-factor after a while. I'm hoping we'll see this 'automated mining' system work by holding territory, and then provide enough resources to actually fuel some fun territorial combat.. otherwise, we won't be seeing very many fun combat engagements in real life, or on streams, as we all value the ships we basically had to mine by hand too much.

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On 8/20/2021 at 3:02 PM, Maliciouss1 said:

who in a space faring society would mine off planet by hand.......and who thought that was a good game mechanic? naive at best........ give us mining lasers for shipping

its a video game that's why.  if you want to go down that route then why not have automated AI units bring us all ore and produce everything for us while we just sit around and do nothing???

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