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What is the Hit Alghoritm in PvP ?


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We know that there are a lot of variables influencing the hit probability in PvP those that I know of are:

Distance, Gun Range, Gun Max Cone, Gun RotateSpeed,  and Target Size.

However it thoesn't tell a lot without knowing the alghoritm. 


Dear NQ can you proivide us:

  •  At least an approximate method of calculating the hit probability ?
  • The way the size of the ship is calculated. I understand that it's the surface of the tharget projected from the attacker perspective but I still don't know if the alghoritm count: 
    • (A) The area in which the ship will fit? 
    • (B)  The exact area or the ship



A - the area in which the ship will fit? 

Targetinf surface fitIn.jpg


B - The exact area or the ship

Targetinf surface Detail.jpg

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4 hours ago, Zychov said:

Thank you. This means that I Don't have to be afraid too much of adding visual ornaments like the antenas, right ?


yes, in fact it will be beneficial. with the way hit probability works now , when you hit a target, the algorithm picks a random part of your ship to fire a perfect shot at, so if you spread your cross section out you are less likely to be hit in important areas


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