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Market Clean Up - Today!


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Despite our recent efforts to expand and clear out Market 6, we are still getting reports about performance and clutter. We want to assure our players that we understand your frustration and are still working to find better permanent solutions. 


Meanwhile, we will be addressing clutter across Alioth this weekend. Our plan is as follows:

  • Dynamic constructs that have not had direct interaction with their owner over a set duration (currently 30 days*) will be hidden. 
  • Constructs at the market that violate our rules,  Code of Conduct and EULA will be removed.

If your construct is hidden, you can unhide (recover) it by using the Fetch tool. To do this, right-click on it in the Construct list on your Map screen. Any constructs that you own, whether visible or hidden, will appear on this list.


Fetch functionality now works for organization-owned constructs as well. For hidden constructs that belong to your organization, your legates can retrieve them via that same functionality. 


Our customer support team is at the ready if you still need assistance recovering your constructs. Simply ping our Live Support staff in the in-game help chat with “@GM” or file a ticket on our support page and we will dispatch help right away!


Please note that this is intended only as a temporary measure to aid performance and improve your experience when visiting these areas. 


We look forward to seeing the results from these changes over the weekend.


May your frames be plenty.


*Duration may change based on our findings 

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