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The Dual Universe Public Test Server (PTS) is online once more! This time, you can take a look at content from the future 0.25 update.
More specifically, what we would like our players to test are the following features:

  • The new voxel storage tech. We proceeded to large, fundamental changes in how voxels are stored server-side, optimizing and improving player bandwidth usage going forward. To test this, it would greatly help us if players could wreak havoc on planets' soils and dig, dig, DIG as much as possible! 
  • Three new tutorials are available in the "Tutorials" tab of the VR Station: Gunnery tutorial, RDMS tutorial, and Advanced Construction tutorial. Make sure to visit them during your journey!

On a side note, the Screen Unit tech change isn't on the PTS just yet. You'll be able to test that in an upcoming version!
You can tremendously help Novaquark by playing on the PTS. Not only will you have a chance to see content that’s in development before it’s released on the Live server, but you’ll also be helping to shape DU through sharing your insights and constructive criticism earlier in the development process. By testing on PTS and sharing your feedback, you will directly help improve DU.

On PTS, you have some perks to help you speed up your progress and have an easier time getting the things you need: 

  • Dispensers that provide most items for free.
  • A daily allowance of several billion quanta per day.
  • Teleporters at the Market 1 of each major planet, allowing for free teleportation around the universe. For Alioth, the teleporter is located by the dispensers in the Institute District. Three additional teleportation platforms are deployed in space on the edge of the PvP zones
  • Players can respec Talent points at-will. 
  • The Fetch feature with no limit of range or cooldown.

Feedback and bug reports related to PTS should be posted in this designated forum, which we monitor closely as part of our commitment to improve the quality of the game and its performance. 

Please note that PTS is solely for testing purposes and may go offline at any time without prior notice. We are doing our best to keep the PTS online as long as possible, but we cannot guarantee that it won't be taken down if we meet a major issue. 
We’d also like to manage expectations that PTS updates may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that might not ever come to the Live server. Moreover, there won't be any live Support on the PTS.
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