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Devblog concerning Elements/damage/detoration

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SO i just flew to a near by Market place.   and upon landing a small ship roughly  1/10th the size of my ship flew into my ship. the ship was barly or just as lasrge as 1 of my L landing gear.   I lost 19 elements.  and only 1 is damaged but almost in the red. 

thanks to all the information from the UI  ..   i was descending approx about 20-40km      was no longer moving forward to be more accurate ..  and a small ship zooming across my screen collided with me.



SO with this future update planned..  


So  i would like to know  PUBLICLY ...  how is the fair to anyone?

is there any plans to fix ship collision based on mass?

maybe a crime system put in for speeding around markets.?


i HIGHLY doubt  your going to tell us all   "O well"  

now im 100% sure this was a accident 

please enlighten me whats going to stop people from doing this on purpose.

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and Before anyone says nothing..  no im not opening a ticket.. dont feel like being stuck at the market for 1-3 weeks..   i'll fix my ship..


only want a real response to the major problem at hand.

 its easier to buy /make scrap then actually have to replace parts.

less chance of being stranded some were when doing simple task like going to market.




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This sounds like a bug for sure as (from what I recall) damage would be on the faster moving construct.

Doing repairs is certainly the best option now but I'd still log a ticket for it as being a bug.

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I'd make this sound as diplomatic as I can, but I do apologise if it sounds like I'm raging or venting - because I sort of am. This mechanic is the absolutely the worst idea imaginable not only for the current state, but also the overall atmosphere of the game. For the love of everything holy, if anyone at NQ stumbles over this, I urge you to reconsider - at the very least based on the sheer volume of feedback you have gotten over the past 5 years of development where people explicitly stated they don't want this to become a survival type of a game. I'll use bullet points from this point onwards as I cannot articulate my arguments without the sheer volume of disappointment otherwise:

- Replacing destroyed elements on ship builds would become impractical and impossible due to how clipping of elements currently works. You will need to strip off half the ship to place an element in it's original position, because the original position is 'too close' to another element - so you'd need to replace everything in order. This will only further encourage box ships taking away from immersion and spirit of the game. 
- Arbitrary system of "this element got destroyed X times = perma death" would make ships with a couple of elements that were already damaged before obsolete, as players would try to replace those at first opportunity. If anything, this just seems like a fundamentally the worst possible and the least practical way of implimenting the mechanic.

- This is further expanding on the first point - but mechanics like this work in games like Eve because you have a pre-existing number of hard points to which you slot in desired modules. It takes a matter of minutes if you have the modules in your inventory. It would NOT work in a game where you would need to spend hours replacing one element due to placement priority on a ship. It would NOT work when some elements can break and other elements can break at another time. Other building games that started off with this, had to implement game mechanics to fix the issue - Empyrion with repair projectors that automatically fix up your ship, space engineers with nanite bots etc. And those games have a "clip to box" build system, not a free standing one like DU. DU is going BACKWARDS by implimenting this.

- The whole "but muh economy needs money sinks!" argument - to date - has been a myth. Markets haven't crashed. Prices haven't plummeted. There will always be people leaving the game. There will always be people abandoning constructs. There will always be new people joining the game needing stuff. There will always be existing people building more and bigger stuff. If money sinking becomes a requirement, add element disassembler that strips an element to it's base component (at reduced efficiency if you want), add a mechanic where you can only repair using scrap to 50% of element's hp and efficiency while simultaneously adding a repair module that repairs using crafting components. Make the mechanic fun and challenging. The current proposal is literally the worst way you could impliment it.

- If you want harder penalties for crashing your ships - which I fully 100% support, claiming destroyed cores needs to return for a start, or/and increase the cost of scrap, or give people options to use components INSTEAD of scrap to instantly repair an element. Again, make the game more interactive, fun and challenging. Not less.

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