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[Lua] [Example] Printing max engine thrust


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This is a short script that prints base max thrust of linked engines. It can serve as an example, and may also be used to detect which engines do not have a technician buff applied to them.



  1. Place a programming board.
  2. Link up to 10 engines to the programming board.
  3. In the Lua editor (right-click, "Advanced", "Edit Lua code") create a unit start() event handler with this code:
    -- detect linked engines
    local engines = {}
    for key, value in pairs(unit) do
      if type(value) == "table" and type(value.export) == "table" then -- `value` is an element and `key` is the slot name
        if value.getThrust and value.getMaxThrust then -- `value` is an engine
          engines[#engines + 1] = value
    -- get engine names
    local engineNames = {}
    for _, engine in ipairs(engines) do
      -- engine name is available in its widget data
      -- for other elements `core.getElementNameById` would have to be used instead
      local dataJson = engine.getData()
      local data = json.decode(dataJson)
      engineNames[engine] = data.name or "???"
    -- sort engines by name
    table.sort(engines, function (engine1, engine2)
      return engineNames[engine1] < engineNames[engine2]
    -- print engines and their base max thrust
    system.print("Linked engines: " .. #engines)
    for _, engine in ipairs(engines) do
      local name = engineNames[engine]
      local maxThrustBase = engine.getMaxThrustBase()
      system.print(string.format("%s: %.0f N", name, maxThrustBase))


  4. Click "Apply" in the Lua editor, exit build mode and activate the programming board. You should see base max thrust printed in the Lua chat tab.


Change log

2020-09-13. Posted the first version (tested in r0.21.5).

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