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Looking for a ship builder.


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2 minutes ago, iceman8706 said:


Yes there is a projector that can be used, and you can scale the image. I'm just really terrible at building. 

Well.... That blows me away.

I get so many new way to realize stuff!!!!


Thank you for the info, and sorry for spammin in your thread xD

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its just a hologram(not augmented reality graft/skeleton), the real fun(pain/nightmare) is making each copyable shape needed to make it kinda good, then voxelmancy strikes with horrifying results on parts that shouldnt be 'ruined', then hollowing out the cylinders, chopping spheres, finagling with 'mancied triangles AND making it flyable under the size listed without stuffing more than half the ship with ugly bits(yaya, you can hide every unwanted thing behind voxels til they add them to the obstruction list)


my nightmare is a true to size krait(the one by the guy on discord is very... custom, and too elaborate for me), constellation variant(possibly with a s ship dock if i figure it out), and the scary voxelmancy horror:x70b phantom, maybe even the tie reaper lander from squadrons resized to m, to carry planet/moon mining ships<_<

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