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Sandbox Mode (Like Empyrion)


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Hello guys.


I was wondering if there is a sandbox type mode that I can play with and make blueprints without resources. Or in able to make a ship (Id like to join the game just to make ships) will I have to get resources to make them. Because if I pledge for alpha 3.1 while its a full month I might not be able to log in everyday and play and don't know how long will it take to farm resources to make a small size fighter. And thats not counting the curve to learn the game and then start farming resources etc. Hope you can give me an answer without breaking the NDA.


Best regards.


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Yeah I don't think a sandbox mode would ever happen.

Once you provide everything a game has to offer without the struggle of actually obtaining it, then the games value essentially decreases.


Imagine if a game like WoW allowed a 'free' mode where they gave everyone max gear to run through dungeons. Why would anyone spend the time to struggle to get that gear in the first place?

Sure there might not be drops, but if you already had everything drops would be worthless anyways.


It would be fun at first, but you would quickly lose interest.

The trial and error is what makes it fun. You can do research on things that work, and things that dont. But adding the element of time in both crafting and material gathering, when you do finally makes something that works from scratch it will be entirely your own and you will appreciate your own accomplishment much more than first testing it out in a 'sandbox' mode. Plus, you are more likely to learn from mistakes this way.

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