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Inside Dual Universe, Podcast #6: Alpha 3.1 Edition

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Join us in discussing the new Alpha 3.1 release with  NQ-Entropy, NQ-Nomad, JC and myself. Some of the topics we’ll be covering include: overhauling the first-time user experience, resurrection nodes, new HD textures, warp drives, and more. We’ll also be discussing the upcoming test, stabilizing the game, and addressing bugs, as well as recent community discussions. Listen to it now by following the links below, or by visiting us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

You can listen along here: 

YouTube: https://youtu.be/SXDoQXNkthI

We welcome your feedback below!

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Good morning, after listening to the entire Podcast I have some doubts / opinions / ideas about some of the different topics discussed:

1.             Substitutes: This seems to me an excellent idea, in addition to that it can be a good replacement for the idea of giving the option of having several avatars from the beginning (something I read in discord a long time ago) because they would make it more flexible and comprehensive the range of actions and operations of a player in his solo game as in an organization. As it is something new that we have not used or seen yet, what it says may not apply or is irrelevant:

            A- Will the substitute have a robotic body or will he be like our avatars?

            In case it is a robotic body I have the following questions:
            B- Will it have differentiated and replaceable parts in the body? Because it would be excellent to be able to modify its parts to our own liking, either by colors, shapes, sizes or designs and if depending on the parts you have different functionalities or better advantages, such as walking or running faster, jumping higher, having a greater load capacity, have a greater range of operations (the latter related to a suggestion that I have later).
            C- The substitute? Will it consume energy or have energy cells that will have to be replaced over time? If you have them, I also suggest creating a branch of skills to lengthen the duration or make the consumption of said energy more efficient.
            D- In case of receiving damage, will there be any repair mechanics for the substitute?
            E- Will there be a limit on the number of substitutes per player?
            F- Can organizations have substitutes for their members?
            G- What will be the way to create, select or dispose of substitutes? Because if there is a way to create there must also be a way to destroy, bearing in mind that if the bodies of abandoned substitutes are treated as they have with abandoned nuclei, we can end up with a myriad of bodies abandoned or used for ill-intentioned actions .
            H- My suggestion with the body of the substitute can be created individually and also create a substitute operation module, which has space to store different quantities of bodies (X1, X2, X4, X10), so that when using the Wireless module to access the substitute, this is inside the substitutes operation module, and at the end of using it, you can store it inside it, so that it recharges, repairs or is available to another member of the organization (the latter in case to be able to have substitutes for the organization), and depending on the module there is a greater range or operating distance for the body of the substitute.

2.            Notifications: I only have a question about this, is it planned to make a mobile app to receive notifications offline on it? Or some way to connect these notifications to our discord accounts?

3.             Nano Market: This is a great mechanic, being able to create merchant work now, but I have some concerns and doubts
            A- One of the problems that not only me but many have experienced when trying to use the markets is that the game freezes for seconds and sometimes minutes, causing many (like me) to completely evade the use of the market and that happens with the limited number of market modules and districts, but now that everyone can see the market without that limitation, the traffic of requests for such information on the server will increase, which could worsen the performance of said mechanism.
            B- The visualization from the nano market will be restricted to the planet I am on or will it have a filter to select the planet? In case of restriction by planet, if I am in space, will I not be able to use the nano market?
            C- Will it be possible to project the information from the nano market on a screen in our base or warehouse?
            D- Will there be new valid LUA functions to use in the nano market? Well, I would love to be able to apply filters through LUA and project the results on a large screen to always have it visible on my ship or base.
4.             Resurrection node: The possibility of having several active nodes is really useful, although with this it will be possible to teleport from one planet to another (those who take advantage of this do not hate me), I would like to know:
            A- Will there be the possibility to remotely activate and deactivate the nodes?
            B- The substitutes will have the ability to activate and deactivate the nodes? In case yes, I imagine that the developers were looking for a way to restrict the abuse of the combination of substitutes and resurrection nodes, because with both I can teleport as many times as I want from one planet to another playing with the substitute and activate and deactivate the Resurrection node (I hope that by saying this, DU fans with gallons of gasoline and flamethrowers will not come to my house, ok it's a joke, I hope).

           C- I recommend applying cooling times to the use of personal nodes, as well as implementing nodes of different sizes, which depending on the size have different cooling times, number of uses per hour and amount of time, of materials and range of materials required to manufacture them, which makes it more attractive for organizations to have larger nodes, and newer ones to access a very small node more easily.
           D- I recommend that if the substitutes can activate and deactivate the nodes, they are applied to the substitute body but not to the main body, so we can avoid abuse by using it as a teleportation mechanism from one planet to another.
5.            Warp: This is something that many expected, and that the costs of using it vary depending on the size and mass of the ship can be is a good and logical thing for the balance of the game, for which I have the following doubts:
           A- Will there be different sizes for the items for the warp trip? Will it be limited by the size of the nucleus to which it is associated, just as AGGs have? Will there be limits on the jump distance depending on the size?
           B- Is there any mechanics about the decrease in efficiency or jump distance if the warp module receives damage?
           C- Will the cells for the Warp trip be used up completely per trip or, depending on the distance, can a certain% of the cell be consumed?
           D- I understand that cooling times will be implemented although this is a mechanic that I have not seen working for example in XL space engines (as far as I remember I could use them without waiting for some type of cooling time even when I remember that it had it), but I I would like to know if there is any mechanism such as a loading time, calculation of trajectory or warp module heating that gives us the need to wait a certain time between selecting a destination and activating the warp trip (This without taking into account the aforementioned restrictive time that comes when there is PVP)? Does this time depend on size (core, warp module), distance to travel, mass of the ship and state of the module (with damage, intact)?
           E- I recommend creating a branch of skills that help with efficiency or other aspects on which the warp trip depends, thus creating another profession.


1. In the hierarchy of the members of the organization, it was implemented that expelling a legacy or superlegacy from the organization should be done through voting, something with which I agree, but what I do not agree with is that if I want to leaving this organization being a legacy or superlegacy, I must have approval by vote, if I want to leave on my own I should be able to do so at any time without the need for voting.
2. Is there a limit to the amount of TCU a player can have?
3. To prevent an organization from owning a planet, they should put a limit on the number of active TCUs that organization can have, something that they can avoid just by creating more organizations, but that in turn limits their management and administration capacity, what which as a consequence would be a limitation for the organization, a good thing if we want to avoid an uncontrollable expansion by large organizations to the point of controlling a planet.

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For me, the very idea of industrial drawings is a failure. Large corporations will allow themselves to spend millyard on, say, an XL warp, but they will never sell this warp-solo players will not be able to buy it, large corporations will build it for themselves. and no price monitoring will correct this situation. Either they will provide the opportunity to get free drawings in any quests with a small percentage of dropout or they will stupidly introduce donat for the purchase of in-game volutes. It is not easier to introduce a very very rare element into the component of high-tech modules. This will also give high prices on the market and encourage everyone to explore, and even a solo player with a lot of luck will be able to enrich himself by billions. But he solo groceries to saliceti agreement on support I found cargo for protection from pirates and opyatzhe encourage many with Regards to repair, I agree he should not be infinite but limited too - there is likely a need to increase the strength depending on the materials i.e., titanium to break harder than copper /fell the Titan can't be fixed, copper to 0/ so and Chini Titan is infinite if it is not 0, and the change in the copper is new, it is cheap.

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