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Core unit size suggestion


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I think it is totally ridiculous to make a L core giant .. the core itself takes too much place and is not good looking at all it ruins spaceship beauty and most of the in game decorations are bad looking too much thick they look really bad and they are too big to look good and I honestly think DU should hire better content maker all their concept art looks cool but in game we get a fence thicker than a wall.

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Well I wouldn´t say that.


Sure, in decoration the game is a bit lacking. But most needs voxel work or creative thinking. And we are only in the Alpha 3.

Lacking as such as:

- different colors of light. (players tend to use the antigrav pulsor asa replacement)

- Fences that connect and llok better (here i agree with you)

- Coloring the elements, because everything is grey, so no theme based ship can be made without these.



But the core Unit size looks fine to me for the purpose.

I suppose the core could be in different forms like the Hoverengine L or the Ailerons M.

If for example the, up to, L core could be cut in half (horizontaly) and place the rest in die front/back --> like the lower quarter of a XL core, many people would love that.

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