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Daphne Jones

Hyacinth Partners Ltd.

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Mods, sorry to keep doing this, but I really can't recruit in such a hostile environment. Please delete this thread. Thanks.

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OK here is whats going to happen - because at this time - this just went overboard with everyone involved here.

First, @Daphne Jones I apologize for the entirety of the rude and toxic behaviour some have brought into your recruiting thread. As I do understand this is not what you wanted - I've created a new thread cleared of all this nonsense here.

Secondly, this goes to especially everyone else who engaged in this topic;


  • Some of you guys have derailed the purpose of this thread and made it go off-topic
  • Some of you have initiated in trolling, harassment and personal attacks towards the OP
  • Some of you had no intention in asking legit questions or joining the topic in a proper discussion



While not everyone was involved in all the above mentioned behaviour(s), yes, I want this to be a warning and reminder to all of you; keep out of topics you have no intention of legitimately being a part and or stop the continuous harassment some of your have engaged in towards individuals who don't share your point of view. This is a final warning of such and next time this happens it may lead bigger sanctions than just a verbal warning.

Topic Locked.


Edited by Mod-Meldrik

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