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Gas Giants and Fusion Reactors

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So if I remember correctly, there was something about there soon being a need for energy? Like we'll have fuel for thrust and reactors to power everything else? Well what if there was Gas Giants, and we could harvest Hydrogen and Helium from them in order to fuel Fusion Reactors? But of course it'd have to be an on ship mounted tool that gather's the gas, and it'd be a dangerous job as if you get too far in the gravitational pull of a gas giant, there is no amount of thrust that can save you.

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If I remember correctly, hydrogen doesn't run a fusion reactor, it's supposed to get it started and the fireball within the reactor is supposed to last a very long time before it extinguishes. Right now in real life fusion reactors are experimental and need to be fed different gases to keep the fireball stable. Scientists and engineers are trying to find a way to make the fireball stable for longer and then they will be finding a way to mass produce fusion reactors, so we are not far off getting fusion power stations. So a fusion reactor would use very little hydrogen as fuel, if it was going to be a thing in the game, it would have to be hard to make in my opinion.

Usually we extract hydrogen from water, so even if we were very active in space, farming hydrogen from a gas giant is extremely unsafe and would tear apart equipment that would be used to collect the gases. The wind speeds on Jupiter are extremely high and the sediment in the air would wear down metal very quickly, that's if it doesn't get dragged down by it's magnetic field, which would mess with electronics that aren't insulated from it too.

So your idea isn't very realistic from an actual scientific point of view, but it is a good idea nonetheless.

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