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"Funny" story and introducing myself

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Since I have been around here from the end of 2016 I might as well write a juicy introduction of myself now.


and welcome to my minecraft youtube chan... wait wrong website.

Well that was enough cringe don´t you think?


Anyway. Funny story, well actually a pretty sad one when I think about it.

Remember when Alpha 2 launched? Yeah me neither cause I totally missed it.

NOW I read an email from NQ which I kinda ignored at that time where they welcomed me to the glorious launch of alpha 2.

Obviously it´s my fault there.

At least I have another 2-3 months to test it... if I have time besides my occasional work at weekends and university ofc.

But thats another story!


Anyway. Where were we? Yeah right I was about to introduce myself so I´ll keep that short and simple.


Name: FireSoul (but you can call me Simon ^^)

Gender: DID YOU JUST ASSUME...! jk


Age: 20

What brought me here: The hell of a man @Will_i_craft

Org: VMS (Vortrex Mining and Science, I know long name. Just call it VMS)

Games: Tactical Shooter such as ARMA, CSGO 

              Strategy games like Stellaris, Age of Empire, Medieval 2 TTW,...

              and of course Sandbox games like Space Engineers or Minecraft.

What I want to do ingame: Surely not mining ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but transportation trading and marketing.


Thats all I have to say ladies and gents!


Cya in the Game or in the Forum!



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7 hours ago, FireSoul said:

At least I have another 2-3 months to test it

Not sure what you mean here but once you have access that includes all future alpha and beta stages.

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@Haunty Yeah that needs a explaination. At the time the game went into alpha 2 I had summer holidays from uni where I could have played almost every time. But now since the semester started I can´t play much due to my crappy laptop.

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On 10/2/2019 at 8:52 AM, Aaron Cain said:

Hiiii Simon, great to have you here and nice to see a member of the VMS, a friend is there too.

Have fun in DU and Welcome!!

Thanks very much @Aaron Cain ^^. If I May ask who your friend is? O.o

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