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Aeonian Federation

"The light in the ever-expanding dark"




The Aeonian Federation (AFED) is a federation-based organization. We strive to promote an environment of peace, prosperity, and support for our citizens and our member states. After our merge with the DUA, we have done some major restructuring regarding our citizenship, divisions, and organization membership.


AFED is made up by two major sectors: the Civilian Sector and the Government Sector.


Civilian Sector:

The Civilian Sector is made up of all of AFED's citizens. Citizens receive the full benefits of membership within AFED and can participate in any AFED-sanctioned events.


Government Sector:

The Government Sector is made up of the 5 Divisions within AFED. Government staff receive increased benefits, can participate in AFED-sanctioned events, join an AFED commission / committee, and can propose programs to the Directorate.


Membership within the Government Sector is not mandatory, but there are incentives to join the Divisions, which are as follows:

  • Division of Internal Affairs
  • Division of Foreign Affairs
  • The Industrial Division
  • Division of Public Relations
  • The Aegis Division

Each Division is open to staff applications and each offer their own set of perks and benefits.


Member States:

AFED also offers a membership option for organizations looking for economic support, security, etc. Organizational Membership within AFED is extremely open and not infringing on said organization's sovereignty. The only requirement for membership is the Non-Aggression Pact held between all of AFED's member states; which allows us to ensure that we deliver on our promise of a peaceful and prosperous environment.



AFED is always looking for new members; and we have something for everyone. If you are interested in joining AFED, please visit our Discord and our Community Portal (both linked below) to get in contact with us.



Discord - https://discord.gg/5mHbNR9

Portal - https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/aeonian-federation


Structure Graphic:


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At tranquility we love peace and nice communities! So we want to congratulate you with this successful endeavor!

With this nice organization you are building better every day you grow a step further in creating everlasting peace and prosperity, Well done!!

We at Tranquility hope to build a lasting good relationship with you and welcome you to visit the City, anytime!


Live Long and Prosper!


Aaron Cain



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Aeonian Federation

March 2019 Press Release

The month of March has seen a host of new AFED programs, promotions, and more. AFED was proud to announce the relaunch of the Requite Program, an initiative dedicated to helping ease new organizations into an AFED membership.


With that said, we are also excited to announce our first participant, New Roma. We are happy to include them in the Requite Program and hope that membership within the Federation is something beneficial for them.


We are also proud to announce the first Aeonian Federation commission, the Commission for Proverbial Welfare, or CPW. The CPW is in charge of handling all of our programs, projects, and initiatives; both foreign and domestic (except the Requite Program).


This new commission also saw the first round of Staff Promotions, with three of our most dedicated staff members being selected for these Commissioner positions:


- The War Doctor

- Stoat

- RexMctavish


AFED has also hit an amazing milestone of 60 members on the portal page. While not being a massive number, we appreciate the continued community support and plan to grow more over the coming months.


As always, for more information or to join the Federation, join the Discord below.


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wtAR2Yw


-Chief, DFA



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