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Merwin Presentation

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Welcome Merwin o7


56 minutes ago, Mod-Merwyn said:

Hi Merwyn and welcome.

I hope you will enjoy the game and the community.


PS: before someone asks, there is no relation between "Merwin" and "Merwyn".


~ Merwyn

Fake news! Your first sentence exposure you. The truth is a lie! ;)

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OH MY GoD  The CaKe is A LiE!!!!!!     AAArrrggGGhhHhhhhhh


"With Picking up the "cake" Aaron got transported right into the Brick at the dark edge of the DUniverse. It Took 2 years and 4 frontal assaults of his Mates to get him out again. When they saw his prison they noticed a holographic representation of a cake. His squad members still wake up at night when Aaron starts screaming in his dreams: OH MY GoD  The CaKe is A LiE!!!!!! "

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