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[Reminder] Line between legit PvP and unhealthy RL behavior


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Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed unhealthy behavior from several members in the Community.
As many are relatively new and some older members seem to lose focus of Novaquark's vision for Dual Universe, here is a strong reminder.


Dual Universe is a game where there will be wars, power struggles, conflicts, plots, spying, information warfare and betrayals. It's all fine... as long as it stays within the framework of the game.


We are aware that a fair amount of people have a hard time to differentiate in-game behavior and real life behavior. While someone can be infamous, merciless and twisted in-game, that doesn't give him/her the right to forget elementary good manners outside of the game. Following the concept "the end justifies the means" will never be a valid reason here.


Novaquark expects from each community member to:

1) respect the EULA and forum/Official Discord code of conduct
2) be respectful toward any other member or at least neutral toward the members you don't like outside of the game, whether they are newcomers or veterans.
(neutral means: no free provocation, no real life insults or real life threats, as already mentioned in forum and Discord chart)
3) avoid using any real-life conflict, unhealthy real-life behavior or drama (made on purpose or not) as part of the game (because it's not) as this can escalate in very toxic and unnecessary situations.
4) avoid using any underhanded real life "tricks" to gain an advantage in-game. This includes:
- real life threats or real life harassment with anonymous accounts outside of the game (on Discord or any other online means).
- doxxing, doxxing attempts, or any behavior like gathering real-life information that could lead to doxxing.
- leaking publicly private discussions about real-life topics (especially when showing only carefully selected pieces with the deliberate intention of biasing the facts) without the agreement of all people involved. This also includes Novaquark’s investigations that haven’t been publicly announced and about which you may have been informed through a private channel/room or a private discussion.
- making false accusations, creating NDA leaks or false NDA leaks to accuse someone else with the goal of making them punished or banned from the game.


As a company, we want to provide a fun and welcoming experience to our fans and can’t tolerate inappropriate real life behaviors that potentially ruin the gaming experience or worse, lead to real life consequences.


If the Novaquark staff gets enough evidence on any of those behaviors, the team may give any sanctions deemed appropriate without further notice.

If you see some community members having inappropriate behavior, please point them toward this forum thread.

Best Regards,
The Novaquark Team.

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