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Hello Community! - DBF CONTRACT UP!

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Hello community!


First time posting in the forms here even though I have been reading through them. I figured I would put myself out here first to introduce not only myself but explain what I am looking to do for DU. Looking to expand both my organization's & personal DESIGN BUILD FLY by doing collaboration on ship builds, consultation, or start to finish DBF contracts. Current Member of SLI - Operations & Procedures in Dual Universe(Not looking to move). The idea behind the DBF is to ensure exactly what it means: First, the design is not only aesthetically pleasing to the buyer but logical to its function & size. Next, building effectively in materials, production time, & delivery if contracted. Lastly, make sure it doesn't only FLY but the pilot is able to understand & fully pilot the ship to its potential. Lessons may be included if part of the contract.


Random facts about myself. I have a wide background of game history from FPS to RPG new & old(Just a few of my favorites: BF Series, Borderlands Series, ARK, Rust, Warhammer Series, EVE Online, Secret World, Battleborn). Some of my best personal skills include CAD(Aerospace/Mechanical), Photoshop, Management(Currently ASM), & Customer Service. Everyday I deal with customers & employees and want to integrate that in to the future of DU. Obviously a Porsche enthusiast as well :). Design style falls between the power & sleekness of a Porsche, the industrial raw materials of an EVE Minmatar Ship & Guns, lastly a balance of those with the balance of user interface and ship logic. Alpha Founder - Loved the 2 week test session and wanting more...


Please if your interested or have any questions feel free to contact me and we can setup a meeting on Discord to discuss further details on a project.


This is one design of my own DBF Concepts that I intend to do a collaboration build at a later date due to immense size, utility, and LUA scripting.

CAPITAL CLASS: Mothership/MultiVerse Transport     CODE NAME: SCC-WOLFGANG-0011     FUNCTION: Life & Death Ferry     SHIP DETAILS: Classified

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