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Split: Suggestion: "Necro post" rule change or elaboration in the listed rules

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So here I am, technically "necroposting" on a thread discussing necroposting.  This is the most recent thread (maybe the only thread) on the topic, it is still relevant, and it was left without any kind of conclusion.  So should I have created a new thread instead?  I don't think so.


There are several situations where the rule needs to be relaxed, or at least left to moderator discretion.

I trust our moderators to be able to make judgement calls like this.  So why not let them?

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Since this is actually necroing this post I will just split it into a new topic to be discussed further, however, it is highly unlikely that these rules will changed based on the fact that they need to be as is to avoid the reviving of old threads that may or may not be out of date. In the case of the linked topic mentioned above, since it was not a common issue that seemed as though it did not need further discussions the topic, it was locked. Otherwise the conversation would have been split into a new topic.


Edit: The above conversation was split from this topic: 


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To be clear, I agree that necroposting can be a problem.  I just believe that there are plenty of situations where enforcing it to the letter of the rules is frankly ridiculous.  As seen above, the moderators can handle these situations in a reasonable and acceptable manner with their own judgement.  The rules should be adjusted to officially allow the moderators to have discretion in these matters, specifically such that in relevant and not out-of-date topics, they do not have to be locked.  I believe that continuing these (qualifying) conversations is much better for the forum than splitting them to a new thread every few months or locking them entirely.

I linked the topic above because in my opinion, it was an example where locking the topic seemed overkill.

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