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I see where you're coming from.


This discussion has now gone to a level where the development would need to get involved. They would need to discuss how much work is done client side.


If you'd like to know good game programming practices, I'd recommend visiting gafferongames.com. on that site, Glenn Fiedler explains that ONLY player input should be accepted from the client. NOT positioning or damage data.


Now I don't know how much of that is handled by the DU client.


The client may just report back the ships vector and it's linear and rotational acceleration. But this is pure speculation.


If player 1 were to disconnect given the above scenario, the ship would continue to travel in the same direction and speed. It wouldn't just immediately stop.

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Very interesting ! and intrigued !


Now how difficult would it be for a non programmer to dwelve into this subject ?


Difficulty is entirely subjective, what's easy for some may be difficult for others and vice versa.


I'd encourage everyone to have a play around with it, you can do a quick google search for LUA scripting tutorials, which will give you an idea of whether its something you may enjoy. It's easy to feel overwhelmed at first and the learning curve is usually steep, but you get to a point where everything just makes sense and you feel proud of your achievements. So i'd say hang in there, and don't ever be afraid to ask for help


As we grow in numbers we'll also look to teach others who want to learn this :)

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Any chance I could convince you to turn this into a page on the wiki?  (or could I adapt this into one)


Shame on me, but i had no idea there was a wiki for dual universe?


Either way, you have my blessing :) Not that you need my permission anyway, feel free to do as you please... Let me know if you do decide to wikify this, if you don't have the time to do so - i'll certainly look into it in the near future

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Great to see so much discussion on this page, don't worry about derailing the thread! If it's interesting then i want to read, as do others i assume.


Some excellent points have been made regarding the self-replicating scenario, and what happens to scripts when players log out.


The devs certainly have their work cut out for them to make this work, (although, i think i read somewhere that the lua scripting mechanics have already been implemented? i'll try and find where i saw this and post it)


We already know that we will be writing event driven code, whereby functions will be executed based on another event. This could provide half of the answer as there will be no long running scripts. I could see a scenario where player 1 has a lua script on his ship listening for, lets say "Arrived at X,Y,Z" event (think warp drones travelling unmanned long distance trips). The arrival event would be triggered by the server when the ship arrives. Similarly if player 1 implemented an event handler to listen out for "Enemy Detected At X,Y,Z" and then player 2 intercepts player 1 whilst player 1 is offline. player 2's position stored on the server would trigger the event and the server would call player 1's event handler.


Thinking about the warp drone scenario, i'd say the only option would be that the server handles everything. Considering the pay monthly model, i'd say this is in fact the case. More info from the devs would be clear this up, especially if it has already been implemented?

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