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The company completely ignored kickstarter sponsors for 1 euro


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Dear players, the company completely ignored kickstarter sponsors for 1 euro:
Quotes the answer:
"As I said previously, your silver pledge does not grant you access to the Alpha 1, because it has been made on the website, and not during the Kickstarter campaign. As a website backer, you'll be granted access to the Alpha 2, however Alpha 1 is reserved to the Kickstarter pledges, which do not include the symbolic donations
Best regards,
In the kickstarter project I supported 1 euro and then I paid extra money to the silver account after funding the game.

It's a total ignoring of the player; because that means equating it with people from Alpha 2

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Hi Emtec3PL,


No, we are not ignoring people who pledged 1 euro during the Kickstarter campaign.

We thank them deeply for the symbolic donation. However, as you rightfully named it, it was a donation. 
Giving 1 euro was supposed to show your support for the project, without expecting something specific in return, which is contradictory with your claim today.

Your first official pledge as a backer happened after the Kickstarter campaign, so it's just logic that you are part of the Post-Kickstarter Founder group.


Moreover, being a Post-Kickstarter Silver Founder backer isn't as grim as you describe it, as we also did something for Post-Kickstarter Founder group:

Silver backers were supposed to have access to the game only at Beta. You will instead have access to Alpha 2. Please keep that in mind.


That being said... 

As a general rule of the forum, you're aren't supposed to post publicly a private conversation between you a Novaquark Employee without his consent, especially with the goal in mind to cause a ruckus (last point of section III). You can find the forum rules here

For that reason, this thread will now be locked. Please do not continue in this direction.


Thank you for your understanding.


Best Regards,


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