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We live only fort the fight, for the next war.

We focus on extremely well-trained soldiers and special unites, and we specialize in warfare. This will be our main focus. The Neo Crusaders are lead by Mandalor the True, under him will serve the Leaders of the other Divisions.
We want to prove ourselves as the most feared and respected warriors in the Galaxy, and to reach that Goal we need capable and motivated individuals that are completely dedicated to that Goal.
Are you such a warrior?






Our Military will be the most elite in the Galaxy. Thus is complete Discipline a very important aspect. This means if you officer Commands you to shoot you will shoot, if the Commander assigned you and your Team to a certain position you will carry out this order instantly.

Our Military will consist of various sub Divisions and teams that will provide us with everything we need to land an successful attack. 

The details cannot be described here because they are a secret and will only be shared with true warriors who will join our ranks. 



The Academy Training:

The training you have to undergo will be the harshest in the entered Galaxy. You will learn the basic tactics, all the Commands and various other things you need to know when communicating with other soldiers. 

The Combat training will be overlooked by the most capable of instructors whose job is it to form you into a true Warrior.

You also have to undergo various Testes to prove your ability, be it alone or in your Squad. 

When you have passed the final exam, you can call yourself a Neo Crusader!



High Council:

The High Council will consist out of the various leaders of the Divisions and Mandalore The True. 

Together they will discuss the progress of the Neo Crusaders and they will be the ones who will overlook the final exam. 

The High Council will meet every week the discuss the progress of the Neo Crusaders.  



The Code of The Warrior:

Honor in Battle, cheating Death and the Code of the Warrior. There was once a time where we dominated the Galaxy, but that Time is gone. Many of us still remember the past Battles and the Honor that came with them. We remember every warrior who fell in the past Crusades. But we have to rise again, to once again claim our Rightful place as the greatest warriors.

But one can only achive that by following the Code!

The Code is Live and the Code is Death!







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The making of this org:

"What if we combine a cult-like religion, technology, and some good-ole fashioned dictatorships into this?"

Good luck though. This seems like one of the more fun orgs.

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