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RP Thread - F.S.V Archaeon - Ideas/Signup

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Long story short, I'm getting a tad bit bored and want to attempt a new roleplay for some of the community to participate in. So, to get down into the nitty gritty details of this ordeal.


So, for the setting, the F.S.V Archaeon is a space faring freighter that is hauling a load of critical cargo for an Arkship; in essence, some of the few remaining materials needed before launch. This cargo is valued at an extremely high price, and is sought after by many factions. Your primary goal will be to bring the materials back to Earth, before any other faction can retrieve them (NPCs).


I'm personally thinking it would look something like this;




(F.S.V. Stands for Free Spacial Vessel.)


Depending on what ship everyone decides to use, I will let whomever is the Captain choose the armaments.



Positions Needed:



First Mate:

Navigations Officer:



Engineer: MechMerchant

Engineer: Halo381





Feel free to throw stuff out there, but please be agreeable when it comes to selecting a role. 


I will be attempting to DM this whole thing, sooooooo, let's see where it can go!

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