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Ay, I'm Anotaros

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 Hello, I'm Anotaros, a sci-fi nerd who hasn't used a forum in a long time, but is excited to get into it with such an incredibly active community and such an exciting project.


Not gonna lie, when i saw this game i thought i was dreaming. Then i wasn't dreaming and i realized this may be my "perfect game" so im ecstatic at the idea of getting right into the community and talking with everyone about the game, and can't wait for the game to be finished.

When i get into the game im hoping to become a freelance builder who just builds cool space stations, and maybe some structures on the ground, using the advanced building system i have heard so much about.

Beyond that i want to help the devs get all the servers nice and cozy for the release so that the players of the universe can enjoy their time in the game.

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Welcome Antaros! A lot of people can agree with you in saying that "this is my dream game" (myself included). To me what DU offers is allows it to be just a better version of EVE. The ability to create what you want and to have way more customization (scripting, etc) of interactions is something that EVE lacks. I look forward to seeing what you build in DU!


Anyways see you in game



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