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  1. Almost! The other forum I saw mentioned something similar, but what I was suggesting is to literally build your own.
  2. What about plasma guns/cannons? Ion cannons?
  3. I would be curious to see smaller ships docking into larger ships and space stations. Including a large vessel parking next to a space station and extending out a docking bridge from the side of the hull that would connect with an adjacent bridge from the station.
  4. Uhm what other game has this mechanic??!! I'm all for it, and with some of the other responses and ideas just makes me much more excited to see something like that implemented into the game! I mean at first it'd be kinda cool to see the full effect without any prior balancing (you know like one of those old tales to be told i.e. remember back when orbital strikes first got put into the game where you could do this and this? those were mad times man).
  5. I can imagine! Apparently the game has been in the works since 2016? I'm even more surprised by what you're capable of doing in the game already! There's a few things here and there I would tweak but I suppose all that can be mentioned within the idea forums. How long have you been with the game?
  6. How's it going everyone? Just bought my Patron pack like 2 weeks ago and was weighing in the decision about how serious I was about this game. Turns out I upgraded my graphics card to a GTX 1060 3 GB so I can play the game so does that say something? I come from Germany but I was raised in Texas and I've played games as far as I can remember when I began with Duck Hunter and Super Mario on the old Super Nintendo. I've played Megaman 64, Cruise 'n USA, Mariokart, Kingdom Hearts, Shogun Total War, Starwars Battlefront 1 and 2 (new ones are god awful), Burnout Takedown, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Planetside 2, League of Legends, Dota, and just a whole butt more titles that I wanna go over but probably won't. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think I've ever invested this much $dough$ into any game and I really hope it becomes some extraordinary by the likes we have never seen before in an MMO sandbox game. Some more about me, I play any kind of sport, I daydream a lot, love food, love beer, Nutella is life, and my mind is literally all over the map. Love building stuff, going on adventures, fighting and pvp battles as much as the next person, and roleplaying. I sincerely hope I can meet some awesome people and begin building a community where we can all have fun!
  7. Nice to meet you! What kind of ships do you like to build? Anything in particular or do you just go with what's in your head at the time? Anyways I hope to see you ingame so we can get creative ideas from one another!
  8. Nice to meet you! I hope to see you ingame so we can engineer the bejesus out of stuff!
  9. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you ingame man!
  10. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you ingame!
  11. Nice to meet you! I had to kick myself a few times to buy this game and looks like it's definitely worth it! Hope to see you ingame and build some awesome stuff!
  12. Nice to meet you! As far as when the game will go into alpha it's practically anyone's guess. I've kept my eye on the game for the last year or so and it looks like there's already plenty to do so I can't even imagine what else they're going to be tweaking. My best guess is by early September they'll come out with the alpha, and hopefully won't be too buggy then haha. Anyways I hope to see you ingame so we can build some fun stuff!
  13. Nice to meet you! I certainly felt a bit of a kick when I bought my Patron pack, can't say I've played for as long as you have but I share some of your interests with sandbox games. I really hope Dual Universe is the real deal, and we should make a bunch of awesome stuff! Hope to see you ingame!
  14. Nice to meet you! I'm originally from Germany so we're kinda like neighbors? Either way I hope we can get along and build some cool stuff ingame! See you soon!
  15. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you and your organization ingame!
  16. Nice to meet you! I hope to have a most effective logical conversation with your ingame to discuss other subjects. See you ingame!
  17. Nice to meet you! I kinda get where you're coming from and it would be cool to see some futuristic versions of WW1 and WW2 vehicles! I don't have very good communication skills myself so you're not alone there! I hope we can build some cool and crazy stuff ingame! See you soon!
  18. Nice to meet you! Pretty big on the scifi genre myself and I hope to make a bunch of cool stuff within it! What sort of goals are you setting out for yourself? Hope to meet you ingame!
  19. Nice to meet you! I'll be honest, I like Star Trek but I'm more of a star wars fan though. Even so as fellow geeks we should strive to make the game an epic adventure! I hope to see you in game!
  20. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you ingame man! Lots to do already so build something awesome!
  21. Nice to meet you Chewie! Can I come to you and Han if I ever need something done?
  22. Nice to meet you! What kinda builds or ideas are you going to come up with? You should also link your twitch stream so people can check you out when the game lifts its NDA!
  23. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you ingame!
  24. Nice to meet you! Looks like the game is going to go pretty far man! Hope to see you ingame!
  25. Nice to meet you! I went against my better judgement as well and looks like it's paying off! Hope to see you soon!
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