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Hey Guys


So far I thought that this would be the best game ever made and I told all my friends about it and they where all impressed. But recently I saw something which makes me really really sad. I've also planned to pay the 60Dollar Pac to support this Game but then i saw that you have to pay a monthly abonomment to play! So that only these people can play which have enough mony to spend each month (which I'm not because I'm in study) and just think about that. I personally think that the most potential players won't be older people with much money, instead younger players like me... I would be ready to pay once a big amount like 70Dollars because then it woudn't matter when I can't play one month because of study or vacation. And there was also a staff which said that you can buy this DAC's with ingame money. Don't you think it's sad that only the 24/7 players and the richer people are able to play this Game (yes there is a Free trial but don't count on that, because thats only a month or so)


If you want to made money, then make premium stuff, there will be enough people which will spend big amount of money for better things. Also if it would be "pay for win" there would at least be more people which play the game instead that the most don't play the game because of the monthly abonomment. So then you have less people which pay a small amount of money instead more people which pay premium stuff which will ad up to more money.


What do you think about that?


i personally would be very very sad of that and please all the staffs in the community think about that!!!


Kind Regards

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Hi there DrCat75,

Welcome to the Community and Forums.

To address your concern. This topic has actually been answered multiple times by Novaquark: see here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/search/&q=model&author=NQ-Nyzaltar&sortby=newest

Here's a nice devblog explaining why a subscription model will be best for Dual Universe: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/04/08/monetization-player-happiness-and-economic-viability/ :)

Since this topic often ends up in flamewars with those for subscription vs against subscription, I'll be locking this one. Please refer to the 1st link I posted to see all the answers from Novaquark regarding this topic. :)



~ Meldrik




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