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Pre-Alpha, NDA and potential burnout

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So I don't really post much here but I thought this was an interesting topic. 


Looking from the point-of-view as someone who helps runs/admins a community the Pre-alpha hurts quite a lot. It stops communication between people in the org, talk about most of the game and stops the community from growing as much as I want. This can lead to burnout from the orgs and the game itself which is a problem. Now there are a few options to fix this:


1. NQ removes the NDA

This probably wont happen as NQ has said quite a few times that it still committed to the NDA


2. Upgrade the accounts - So Beta gets access to Alpha, etc.

This could happen, probably wont. Justified because the sudden release of pre-Alpha. Everything got kicked back. (according to an old thread Beta was meant to be released this year.)


Now the third option is probably the best and most likely to happen:

3. Allow non Pre-Alpha users to agree to the NDA and add a badge to there profile showing they have signed it.

This would really help communities develop as more people can have access to chats/and actually talk about the game but still keep the NDA intact. 


I do hope choose something to help communities with this. And I know the Supporter packs mean more can access the Pre-Alpha but that is locked behind a pay wall that not everyone can access.


Many Thanks


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Without a monetary commitment, there is nothing stopping people from remote countries on breaching the NDA. It means nothing to get your forum account banned when you haven't put down real money on it. It would not work.


Currently breaching the NDA means your account will be banned within 15 minutes or less, and all the money put towards supporter packs will be effectively void. This is what effectively enforces the NDA.

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Are you suggesting to all of you organisation (or maybe even public Discord server) members to buy a supporter pack in order to take part in the community discussion?

That's what I understand from your post, but I may be wrong.


I don't think it would solve your problem as all members won't want to buy anything (yet).

Also, the more people in the secret, the more leaks we would get and the more time NQ will need to manage it.

Having thousands of players for a pre-alpha is already impressive.


~ Merwyn


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